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Need advice


Hi lovely people I just need some advice regarding my ultrasound which was done in end of June this year they found one 10 mm noudle on right side lobe and my thyroid is mildly enlarged radiologist confirmed thyroiditis again this is the 2nd time through ultrasound they said thyroiditis I had an appointment two days ago with a new endo she was really nice she asked me if my antibodies were checked I said yes TRAB when I was diagnosed were positive she said what abt TPO I said endo did nt checked at that time but my GP did last year and they were slightly elevated her answer was if I took carbimazole only for 7/8 weeks then its hashimoto bcs my ultrasound show thyroiditis twice she s checking all the antibodies again TPO and TRAB with lots of other things my question is has anyone had same experience like mine thanks

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Hi samy I too have had 2ultrasounds and confirmed has his but I also have graves too, I am still taking carbimazole which I have now for one year but are on 2.5mgs every other day, my nodules do cause me problems which I'm trying to get them removed,😀😀

Samy3 in reply to Rmichelle

Hi rmichelle thanks for ur reply I was going to send u message anyway abt my update this endo was good she said that its hashimoto too bcs of the reports of ultrasounds my noudle is benign she will keep an eye on it she s checking everything again which include antibodies and cortisol vitamin d ferritin and few others I got my bloods done yesterday as she requested it for yesterday so let's see bcs she said she has seen hardly anyone who was on carbimazole for only few weeks especially when its autoimmune

Rmichelle in reply to Samy3

Good you are getting checks, but there are a lot of us on meds with autoimmune diseases, me including, I've been on it for a year now. Its very important to get every test done, I'm also very iron deficient and struggling to raise mine after 6 months so now I'm being referred.

Your Endo seems alot better than my last 3 ones, but I would not know what she means by people with auto immune and taking carbs?? I've been on this site for a year and there are a lot of us with graves and hashi.

But at the moment it sounds you are getting everything you need, keep on top if your blood tests every month as well, yes pm me anytime,i hope you get more replies.xx

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