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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Apologies for the long post!

So today I went for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Once you get over the initial claustrophobic feeling in the chamber and relax it’s an amazing treatment that has many scientific proven results. I’m lucky enough I have an MS Centre that offers this treatment for £10! This treatment privately can be around £200-300 per session (approx. 1 hour).

It’s a charity run facility and as long as you fit the criteria (you don’t have to have MS) and suffer with a life long illness you can register to use all there facilities. I’ve been accessing counselling since February. Had my 4th session of HBOT and am booking in for acupuncture next week. All the staff are lovely with many volunteers and they really have helped me through a difficult time. Here’s a little info on it that I thought would be of interest.

HBOT involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or tube. In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, the air pressure is increased to three times higher than normal air pressure. Under these conditions, your lungs can gather more oxygen than would be possible breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure.

Your blood carries this oxygen throughout your body. This helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.

It’s great seeing what alternative treatments are out there. There are many MS centres throughout the UK. To find your nearest one have a look at msntc.org.uk/

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Yes the individual chambers are amazing but very expensive. These chambers although seat up to 6 work exactly the same way just depends on what you feel more comfortable in.

I always feel sleepy and relaxed after which is an after effect of the treatment. My friend has been going quite a long time and it has helped shrink her brain tumour so I’ve seen first hand how good this is.

Think I’ll definitely sleep well tonight

Thank you for posting this. I discover that there’s one near me so I’ll talk to them about treatment. I had no idea it was available.

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MissFG in reply to Bertwills

The centres offer lots of support help and treatments so I’m glad you’ve found one nearby to you.

I think Micheal Jackson had one and used to sleep in it bizarre fact 😂

On what grounds did you apply to qualify for Hyperbaric therapy & acupuncture at an MS Centre?Are you advising that people with Hashimotos & no other chronic auto immune condition diagnosed would be accepted for treatment?

There is a centre near enough for me to get to.

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MissFG in reply to Naomi8

I had a brief chat where I spoke privately about my health conditions which I have had diagnosed and my symptoms.

I’m advising anyone on here who has access to a centre within reasonable distance to contact them direct and ask if they meet the criteria to access their facilities.

I have been lucky that someone introduced me to mine which is on my doorstep. They’ve offered me much support & help so wanted to share so others could enquire and gain help too.

I don’t know personally what the criteria is but MS is an autoimmune disease just like hashimotos. I’m just sharing my experience hoping it can help others on here also.

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vincenza49 in reply to MissFG

HI there, did they get to the bottom of why your thyroid didn't absorb the thyroxine? Like you, my hypothyroidism was very out of control with a TSH of 175! Felt wretched! Professor Besser said it would take 6 months to recover and that I would only ever feel 80% better. Much much better but still get some symptoms x

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MissFG in reply to vincenza49

No don’t think they were interested. They only want to treat the hypothyroidism using blood tests ie TSH FT3 and FT4. I have lots of stomach issues and intolerances so that could have been why I don’t absorb Thyroxine.

2.5 years on I’m better on T3 only but still struggling. So I’m treating each symptom to eventually eliminate them. Diet is obviously key but I think my body took such a battering it’s struggling recovering. I’m still very weak. I think I will always have ongoing issues however I’m learning how to manage them.

What would you say was key to your recovery?

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vincenza49 in reply to MissFG

So glad you're feeling much better. Having a blood tests for allergies and intolerances helped me too. I take Vit D and eat a handful of brazil nuts a week as advised by a nutritionist. Epsom salt baths have been very soothing and healing.

I avoid gluten and have read a book called Hashimoto's Protocol - highly recommend it. She's a pharmacist and it was proof read by her other who's a GP. Full of tips. Bone broth soup is very healing for the gut btw.


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MissFG in reply to vincenza49

Yes I’m very familiar with Isabella wentz that’s how I’ve been identifying my triggers is through her emails I get. And I make my own bone broth too :)

Thank you for the heads up on this!They can only say no!I am going to contact them.I am reasonably well on NDT & LDN,but I am 68 & this illness takes its toll.I haven't been diagnosed with any other auto-immune conditions (yet)but I am very worried about my lung symptoms.I am going to see my GP(Just relocated from coastal Cumbria to the South Coast)but I don't have high expectations of a diagnosis.I hope they will send me for a lung performance test.

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MissFG in reply to Naomi8

I’ve had a few lung performance tests and they showed I was at 72% this is considered acceptable though. I’ve found my breathing has improved with my fatigue on T3.

The more poorly I was and under medicated the worse my breathing was and walking, getting up stairs especially. Are your bloods optimal?

My FT3 started going over range on T3 & my latest test in June when on 3 grains of NDT was even higher,so have dropped back slowly to 2 grains.I get hot flushes & adrenaline rushes if over-medicated,plus louder than usual tinnitus.I wrecked my head of lovely curly hair on T3.I felt so well I was over-medicating for qite a while,thinking absence of tachycardia,OK BP & temperature never above 36.1 indicated I was in range.Getting upstairs without feeling breathless & knackered is always a good indicator for me,too,as Peter Robinson says in his book"Recovering with T3"

I have tested OK for vit D.

Have stopped supplementing with B12 as I intend having an active B12 test after the right gap.

I supplement regularly with iron,folate,D with K etc,all the Bs except biotin(inositol)

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