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How unwell does being suboptimal with thyroid meds make you feel?


Just interested really. Even if only a little below optimal. I still feel so unwell it feels like I’m not making progress even though my blood work shows I’m heading in the right direction, I still feel as bad as I ever did some days. My labs aren’t optimal yet but just keen to hear the difference that a few doses of increased Thyroid hormone has made to your own well being and those who have managed to get “all their ducks in a row” how you feel now.

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When undermedicated I have severe joint pain in knees and hips, diffulties sleeping, inability to concentrate and think clearly, become anxious.

YES!!! What ^^^ said.


Only been receiving optimal treatment for hypothyroidism in the last 4 months after years of being undermanaged and undertreated. Too many long term symptoms to list but the worst were the mental ones. Only now do I feel the brain fog lifting. I've had other medical problems but the worst I have felt for the longest period of time (years) has been due to thyroid problems. I am still angry at my former primary care physician for not listening to me, being dismissive, and not educating herself well enough to help her patients. I am also annoyed with myself for allowing substandard treatment to continue for so long. I'm a retired nurse and feel I should have looked out for my interests better so I can imagine how patients who rely on their doctors 100% must feel.

How I feel when over or under-medicated :

Legs and arms like lead.

Slow brain - can't think.

Memory problems.

No concentration.

Energy levels very poor.

Huge difficulties getting to sleep.

Sleeping like the dead when I get to sleep.

No amount of sleep makes me feel rested.

I get tachycardia (fast heart rate > 100, sometimes close to 150) whether under or over medicated.

Blood pressure rises.



Irritable and with an explosive temper.

I could go on... But that's enough.

I can't say all my ducks are in a row. My adrenal health has a tendency to go downhill with the smallest amount of stress. I also have other health issues that muddy the waters.

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Thanks HB for listing my symptoms too PS The only sx I don't get is the tachycardia because ofmy pacemaker.

Sorry I can’t give you a link to support this statement, but I read somewhere (!) that symptoms of undertreatment increase (not decrease) as we get very close to an optimal dose. It’s something to do with homeostasis (don’t know if you can google to find it), so in answer to your question - very poorly :(

I feel great now, we can all get there in the end... good luck

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Thanks you. Did you have awful fatigue before optimal? So glad you’re better now xx

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