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T3 question


I have finally got some T3 prescriped to me to try for the next 6 weeks.

I have to take 75mg of Levo (was taking 100) and 5mg of T3. My question is the doctor said to split the T3 into 3 doses a day. Does anyone else do this? It’s going to be a pain to try to split the tablets and also to remember to take it!

Also, should I take it an hour before food too?

Thank you for any advice!

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Good grief, how on earth do you split a 5mcg tablet into 3 doses? And why bother? Normal starting dose is 5mcg once a day, if increased it's then 5mcg twice a day.

Treat it like you would Levo as far as taking it away from food and any other drink but water, also supplements, other medication, etc.

And personally, I don't think a 6 week trial is long enough. It will take 6 weeks for the full effect of your reduction in Levo, so really a 3 month trial would be better.

What were your latest TSH, FT4 and FT3 results (with reference ranges)? Sometimes they reduce Levo when there is no need, the patient then feels terrible because the amount of T3 doesn't make up for the loss of T4, then they say the trial has failed.

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Hi Susie, thanks for your reply.

That was my thoughts too, so I will take my 5mg when I wake up in the morning with my Levo.

I can’t get to my results just now, but I know they were wrong as I had taken my Levo in the morning and had an unexpected blood test later that day. I suspect I will struggle on 75mg. The trial will also be longer as I can’t get to get a blood test in 6 weeks, as I am on holiday, so it will be more like 8 or 9 weeks. Hopefully it will work out ok.

Will keep you updated! Thank you again for your advice.

Hi Llogan, Dr. Lowe suggests that T3 should be taken all at once and he developed his own bovine T3 called ThyroGold. Dr. Ray Peat (also an authority on hormones) said to nibble the tablet throughout the day. At least I think it was him. Just to add to the confusion Blue Pettal2 sent me this interesting link which I also think has merit about T3:


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