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Anti-tTG result: What does this mean?


Hi there,

I’m waiting on TSH/T3/T4 and a few other results to come back, but my Anti-tTG Antibodies result came back as 0.4 (range 0.0-6.9)

I can see that this is very low obviously but is it normal to have SOME antibodies for tTG or should it be zero ideally, and if it’s NOT zero, does that mean that you have some mild intolerance to gluten and would be better off going gluten free?

Background - diagnosed early 2017 as hypothyroid but not diagnosed with Hashi’s. Currently investigating whether thats an issue or not...

Thanks :)

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TPO antibodies are no indication of gluten intolerance.

Antibodies fluctuate, so just because it was that low on the day of the test, doesn't mean it's always that low. But, it's somewhat doubtful that you have Hashi's. That's all it means.

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