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Thyroid causing issues with adoption


Hi all

I’m looking for some help; I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 14 years ago. We have struggled with fertility issues and found that we had little help from our GP.... it my weight.... we’ll do something when your thyroid stabilises.... promises of endocrinology referrals that never appeared etc etc.

So after years of discussions, earlier this year we made the decision to be apply to become adoptive parents.

We have passed stage 1 (reference checks etc) however they asked that we take time out to focus on my medical issues- the social Worker believed that if I just took my meds for three months I’d suddenly be thin and fixed.

Has anyone else been through this or faced this challenge? If so how did you evidence that you thyroid is managed? I have since been referred to endocrinology and am now on T3. When the Social Worker ‘advised’ us to take this break she said “We would advise anyone with a medical condition under review in this manner to withdraw from the process until the situation is settled and clear”, yet my thyroid and medication is under constant review.

Any help would be great!

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Hi Alex I’m an adoptive mother to two sons and a foster Carer , we have Medicals each year for this and each year my weight is brought up ( I’m about 3 stone over weight and battle every day with this ) I just tell the reviewing officer I’m fat but active I have wore a Fitbit for 3 years now and do on average 15000 steps maybe not super duper fit but I’m active and can prove it . The medical will come from your doctor and the doctor should be able to show the medical board you have a condition and can still live a kind of normal life . Do you feel fit enough to look after a child ? If so fight this . I wish you good luck , I’m in Scotland ...

Hi Claire

We had our medicals with our GP then they were reviewed by the council's medical examiner and both said that yes I had an underling medical condition but that I was able to care for a child through to independence. This is why we are finding it difficult to provide medical evidence when the experts are saying we are fine.

I’ve always described myself as a ‘fit fat bird’- I am overweight but have a very balanced thyroid friendly diet, I don’t drink, no issues with my heart or blood pressure and am an active person.

I work in the care industry and understand the need for the assessments but have struggled with finding the evidence to prove this. I like the fit bit idea as it’ll show how much I do in a day.

Hi Alex please don’t give up, what problem do they have with you having thyroid trouble, people foster/adopt who are diabetic and many more long term conditions . Any questions message me . My husbands last medical flagged up he had high cholesterol, he was grateful for this as he has managed to have a look at his diet and change what was needed , I also have coeliac . Try and get in contact with other foster carers in your area . Bet some of them have thyroid disorder . Are you on medication? What are you on ?


I appreciate this may be a long shot but are you aware that Low B12 can be linked to low fertility along with Low thyroid ? Do you have your latest thyroid results with ranges you could share ? Also results for B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ? What dose of T4 ?

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