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Endo of the end?

Today I finally went to see my Endocrinologist!

To say that I’ve spent more time waiting for my prescription at the chemist than the time I actually spoke to him is an understatement!

All he did was see what meds and supplements I’m taking then duly sent me off for blood tests of which two other appts will be in 3 month intervals.

I will wait and see what comes back !!

Still feeling exhausted, foggy brain is making me feel like I’m going senile, and I so want to go back to the gym , but the brain is willing but the body is screaming no!

They only glimmer of hope is that I’m taking Ashganwanda tablets to help me sleep and stay calm and so far in the week I’ve been taking them I’ve had solid nights sleep, even my watch says I’m sleeping 95% efficiently, so let’s hope this is a beginning to better things?

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To wait three months before you see him again and he didn't give any advice as to how you can improve your condition in the meantime!!!

At least, as you state, you can sleep at night.

That was a waste of your time which is more important than his as you wanted some feedback.


I had to wait 4 months for the appointment!

It just makes me want to stick to my adage of do it yourself where you can and just use them as a reference point, after all they only got where they are by reading books!!

I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but in the meantime stick to my plan of healthy eating and re-setting my Adrenal glands , as I personally think that was the cause of me having Hypothyroidism!


I don't think Adrenals are the cause of hypo but they certainly take a bashing I suppose trying to try to flag up more hormones.



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I’ve read that the Adrenal glands control your stress levels and in trying to keep you calm when stressed out they work in conjunction with the thyroid to produce the hormones, the more you are stressed the harder both have to work and inevitably one or both fail to work properly!

Hence my thoughts about it, because previous to me being diagnosed I was under immense stress for a year or two.

All I know is I will try what I can as I am fed up of feeling the way I do!!


Maybe this will be beneficial:-



Thanks Shaws, I will read it, currently I’m reading a book by Alan Christianson NMD, the Adrenal Reset Diet.

Very detailed and helpful, am sorting out the foods to eat and will try that as well as forcing myself back to the gym, be it slowly!


Exercising before we feel well can also reduce the T3 so be gentle on yourself.


Maybe it’s a case of re-booting the system by pushing it thru the pain barrier, the human body is such a marvellous thing, it adapts and changes to what it has to deal with!

If it has to work, it will work , if it can’t , it can’t , so better by trying is my new mantra, I’m not going to let it beat me!!


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