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Confused referred to surgical

From my last post you'll see i think i may have hashimotos (undiagnosed) but have hypo symptoms and have sent test off for private thyroid testing today. Has anyone been referred to surgical thyroid outpatient appointment in the first instance without gp checking thyroid levels? Gp said i have a goitre and lymph nodes were swollen. I'm in Nhs grampian and when i hadnt heard from endocrology department a month after gp appointment i phoned and asked about waiting times. The general endocrinology department said their drs reviewed my referral and sent it onto surgical. Its freaking me out that my first appointment is with surgical. Is this usual for goitre?

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It it were me, I would be contacting my GP for an apt to discuss. GP should be able to explain or find out more on your behalf.


Thanks nanaedake, I have an appointment with Gp next week. I have lost confidence in gp as I believed they tested thyroid before referral only to find out no thyroid test done when I asked for a copy of results to let me see what had been tested before ordering private tests.


Good on you for getting a print out of results. Next time, you could ask the GP what they are authorising the phlebotomist to take bloods for and check with the phlebotomist taking the bloods, what's been ticked on the form to make sure they are following GP's instructions. GP might have thought not worth doing the tests as the Endocrinology dept will want to run their own but it would hae been helpful to explain that to you if that was the case.

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But then labs do there own thing too despite what Dr asks for when it comes to thyroid tests!


Well, alternatively, just get your own private blood tests done. Thyroid UK's website has information about lab tests if you're in the UK.


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