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Vince Cable's hypothyroidism and T3 debate - published in full on hansard.parliament.com

Vince Cable's adjournment debate, May 21st, 2018, can be read in full, with answer from Steve Brine, Health Minister : hansard.parliament.com

Interesting reading, Cable's speech put up a good argument for T3 NHS/Gp prescription but I am not convinced the Government will do much...perhaps best hope is through the high cost of T3 drug and lack of competition with single Big Pharma 'monopoly'.

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The hansard link is :



I had BBC parliament live on my laptop from 4pm as I couldn't find out when it was happening. What a load of boring.... Who would want to be an MP? I now know about filly bustering, hideous fees for folks who rent privately and the boundary commission.

Vince seemed to have done his research well and spoke with conviction. A great pity that there was only him,one other, the speaker and Steve Brine Health Minister in the house. It was the last business of the day before close of play.

Vince mentioned how the costs of T3 had risen-gave figures and also how so may CCG's have removed T3 from patients. When the Health Minister stood up I knew the game was lost. The only thing that came to mind was "weasel words, weasel words". I really don't think anything is going to change even if the price of T3 comes down, because essentially it is a good excuse for Endo's to follow the NHS mantra that most of us on T3 are "mad" it doesn't work and we are just a big nuisance.

There needs to be a massive Sea change in doctor training, thinking and follow through and someone need to come up with a new test that that is easily understood and throws TSH test out of the window. Whilst they the medics are wedded to the TSH mantra we will just have to carry on as before and treat ourselves as we see fit. I am coming across more and more thyroid patients. friends and family who are unwell in spite of "treatment". Unfortunately, they worship at the altar of the medics and would never dream of going off piste. I know it can be scary but if we want a life that is what we have to do. I told my GP, after the latest lecture about my low TSH that I wanted a life and not an existence.

Rant over!


It was a complete waste of time emailing my MP to ask her to attend the debate. I thought it was supposed to take place in the afternoon.


Yes I did the same to my MP, but obviously no one else bothered to stay on. Perhaps they will at least read the Hansard report - we can but hope!


I think Vince Cable did a good job summarising things. He gets to the point, when he talks about the inflated cost of T3:

‘…Mr Enoch Powell, who was once a highly respected Secretary of State for Health. One thing that he did in his period in office was to help the NHS to overcome issues of scarcity and cost by bringing in imported drugs in situations of this kind. There is a long precedent and I cannot understand why that option was not used on this occasion.’

I don’t think Health Ministers understand the meaning of competition. If the NHS was allowed to shop around for the cheapest T3, the price would come down. But it’s only allowed to buy the three most expensive brands (Mercury Pharma, Morningside, Teva) Why should they drop their prices when they’re all making so much money, and the NHS’ hands are tied?

Steve Brine did say: ‘I will look into the issue of overseas imports and write back [to Vince Cable] on it.’

I think it was worth writing to our MPs- at least it reminds them that we’re still worried about the issues.


I noticed Steve Brine mentioned NICE guidelines again but they haven't as yet given any.


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