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High resting pulse rate


I am hypothyroid and have been taking bovine glandular extract for the last 2 months. I feel well, but my resting pulse is 94 and I find it difficult to sleep with a heart rate that high. I have the same problem when I take synthetic levothyroxine, that is why I switched to bovine extract, hoping it would be better. I divide the capsule into 4 equal doses, because if I take it all at once my heart just hammers away all day. Can anybody help.

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Hi giselajames. It’s tricky to help without quite a bit more info I’m afraid. Do you have any recent blood test results - from your time on the bovine extract? How much bovine extract are you taking altogether?

giselajames in reply to Jazzw

Hi, Jazzw, I have an appointment with the GP today and will let you know the results of the blood test.

I take one capsule of Nutri-Meds desiccated glandular concentrate and it says on the label that it is 130mg, but does not give a breakdown of how much t3 and t4 it equates to.

Thank you so much for replying. G.

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