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Gynae related problems


I have recently been diagnosed with hashimotos and have lost 3 stone during the time I have felt unwell. Further investigations from a Gastro enterologists have revealed I also have an ovarian cyst and endometrial thickening which requires an o wards referral to Gynaecology. I also had thrush in my oesophagus and inflammation and erosions in my duodenum which has improved by eliminating caffeine from my diet. Are Gynae problems also associated with thyroid issues and are there they usually benign issues?

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Hi Anjim2, Your medical history reads like mine! However I should be able to confirm in the next two weeks if I have Hashi or not from private blood tests. My endometrial thickening reduced post menopause.

I switched from Synthroid to Tirosint earlier hoping for better absorption, but I could not keep/maintain my weight on it & also developed marked fatigue, gas, dark shadows around my eyes while on it. I switched back to Synthroid & my weight improved & leveled off.

I never elected to have my ovarian cyst removed, having it monitored via ultrasound every year or so. After a while the doctor's although they say you can have a ultrasound yearly, you can tell they no longer feel it necessary to monitor (frown on it).

I am reading up on gut health for continued gas. It gets taxing pushing for monitoring of many things, but what choice have we?

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I was told by Leeds genetics that ovarian cyst/ cancer, endometrial cancer and cancer of the bowel have a hereditary factor which I probably carry. That is on my fathers side. The thyroid stuff and lymphoma are on my mother’s. Not sure if there is a direct link between the thyroid problems and gynae, I am sure I have read there is. Painful periods deffo are. Whatever, they cluster in my family ☹️


Hi there, yes for me I had menorrhagia (a nearly month long heavy period) which led to iron deficiency. I finally had a D&C and a Mirena fitted which solved the problem. There was nothing sinister found on the D&C, which is like a biopsy. A year on I do not have any more issues.

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Inflammation and thrush can be caused by foods that you are eating, have you considered talking to a nutritional therapist? You may need to reduced and remove some foods from your diet and include some additional vitamins and minerals. A good one are worth there wait in gold. You might need to get some blood tests done. It is surprising how much certain foods can impact on your health. Worth a try, and nothing to lose.


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