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Carbimazole side effects update


Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter holidays 😊

So I’m now entering my 11th month on carbimazole. I’m now on 5mg per day and due to have my bloods done on Thursday (I’ll post my results).

I found this site so helpful when I was at my illest so I want to keep posting to help others and if anyone else is experiencing this. (Sorry it maybe lengthy)

Hyperthyroidism has made me really ill over the last 6 months, I have been off work and my gp has put it down to side effects of the carbimazole after many different tests coming back normal even the endo said how thorough he had been (I think I may possibly been over medicated for this time but who am I to say!).

My thyroid results have been in normal range for the last 10 months. For the last 6 months Everyday I had different symptoms which I have been unable to function in my normal life.. severe fatigue, nausea, blurred vision (no TED), anxiety, panick attacks, low mood, not wanting to do anything, palpitations, sore feet, dizziness, zero appetite the list goes on!

5weeks ago I talked my endo into letting me drop to 5mg a day.....WOW what a difference!! .. the last 4 weeks haven’t been smooth I seem to suffer with bizarre side effects with my dose adjustment I’m not sure if anyone else does? this time I suffered severe nightmares and hilucinations for about ten days but I feel so much better I can feel my old self coming back (I’m not 100%) but the best I have been in over 6 months. I’m hoping this is my light at the end of the tunnel.

My anxiety and panick have subsided I can go out for walks, shopping, seeing my friends with out feeling I’m going to self combust and collapse on the floor. I can walk up hills without dieing and even managed a very short jog. My palpatations are 85% better which I think is one of the worst side effects to this illness.

To help me along the way I have regular accupunture, Practice yoga daily along with meditation and opened my world up to mindfulness (in touch with my inner hippie chic 😊). And I learned from this site To go gluten, soya and dairy free even though I am not allergic I have found this has helped.

So I’m hoping my bloods will come back normal on Thursday and possibly can be cheeky and ask for another dose drop who knows .... I hope this up date is useful for someone who is just starting their journey or dealing with sometimes debilitating symptoms, as a month ago I could not see a light at the end of tunnel and thought this illness had consumed me!! 😬

I’m hoping I can only go forwards from here and get my butt back to work, my life back on track and pounding the South Downs someday soon 🙌🏻

Hope everyone has a great bank holiday Monday 😊

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Hooray!!😊 lisa could not have explained my journey any better than what you have just done, we are both getting there as you know and we have continued to support each other daily via a txt message-all this helps knowing you are not alone on this long up and down illness. Im in for a dose change very soon as you know and im ready for the heart palps and breathless once again-it always affects us. Xx☺

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😊😊 we will most definitely get there 🙌🏻 I’m just thankful for this forum and I hope our journeys are as helpful to someone else. I’m so glad we stayed in touch and I’m thankful for ur support and the support of everyone on this forum xx

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Thanks for this post Lisa, it gives hope for those who are at the beginning of the journey like my husband. I hope you are having relaxing Easter 😊


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