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Prescription charges


Hi guys,

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis in 2016 following the symptoms of extreme tiredness, dizziness, menorrhagia (needed a procedure to sort this out), weight gain, dry eyes and extreme hair loss. At the time of diagnosis my TSH was 5.7 and I was diagnosed in Russia. Since then I have been taking Levothyroxine, 50mg, then 100mg (current dose). I usually bring a supply of tablets from my Russia as they are cheaper there.

Reading some posts here, I found out that hypothyroid patients are entitled to free prescriptions for life! My GP never mentioned it to me and I pay for all prescriptions which I need.

Is it true that prescriptions are free for hypothyroid patients? How can I go about getting a free prescriptions certificate in this case if my GP never mentioned it?

Please advise.

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Ask at your GP surgery.... There is a form to fill in which your GP has to sign confirming you have hypothyroidism, it's sent off and you get a plastic card 'credit card size' sent which you show at the pharmacy you get your prescriptions from. X 🙂

Yulia2010 in reply to fibrolinda

Many thanks, Fibrolinda, I will.

Hiya Yulia I'm new here to, thought I'd share this link with you in answer to your question if you scroll down you will see that thyroid is included and think you may have to get a exemption certificate hope this helps.....

Yulia2010 in reply to Aswolf

Thank you so much, Aswolf!

They don’t always tell you. I was told by the pharmacist to apply for medical exemption, my doctor never mentioned it. I was even more pleasantly surprised when I found out it’s for all prescriptions not just thyroid medicine

Yulia2010 in reply to Lulu_65

Yes, Lulu_65, you're absolutely right. My husband, who has diabetes, wasn't told about it either. He eventually found out about it from diabetic nurse during one of the routine appointments.

If you don't want to ask the GP, try asking at Boots for the relevant form. They gave me one and I then asked the GP to sign it.

Yulia2010 in reply to Kipsy

Many thanks , Kipsy! I think I will do the same.

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