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Any good easy read research paper on Hashimoto for my GP?


I have a very enthusiastic young trainee GP who is keen to understand Hashimoto and she is writing to local endocrine to get info. However, I would love to be able to offer her some latest info via research. Can anyone guide me to some so I can print off and take to her for my appointment next week? Thank you

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This is not a research paper re Hashimoto . But I think an invaluable read for all things hypothyroidism. Written by a GP

murrayi in reply to Maybe21

Oh thank you!!!!

A useful resume is to be found on:

This is more practical but does include diagnosis/treatment parameters.

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Thank you so much!

Murray I might have replied to you in another thread here. I suggest you read these 2 books, they cover many thyroid issues including Hashi. search: Iodine Crises. Both Farrow and Brownstein. Both!! Having read both, and spent many years in the thyroid / iodine space for self reasons, I can say you will be glad you read both. There's an iodine face book group: Iodine Crisis but you need to read both of these books as FB group entrance criteria.

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Thank you. Will definitely get them and read them.

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But don't be tempted to take iodine unless tested and found to be deficient. Iodine is anti-thyroid and was used to treat hyperthyroidism, and when you have Hashi's it's not recommended.



Several excellent websites

Short film

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Thank you so much. 🙂

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