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Hello everyone...I’ve been suffering insomnia for a number of years on and off...going through a bad phase at the moment. Recently been awake until 5.30am drift off and awake again at 8.00am ish...feeling like a zombie at the moment. See my GP on Monday but don’t expect much help there. The strangest thing is when I go away on holiday I sleep perfectly well. Don’t have any problems just lots of inconsequential nonsense going through my head and unable to switch off

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My GP prescribed 7 x Zopiclone 3.75mg per month so that I could get some sleep every few nights without becoming dependent.


Thanks Clutter... I posted before I was finished... it’s lack of sleep lol. My GP will offer the same thing and I will beg for more but it’s such a short term fix. May ask about a sleep clinic lol, I’ll get short shrift I’m sure and shown the door !!!


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