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energy after partial thyroid surgery

Hi I had partial surgery on my thyroid because I had a nodule (4cm) and the FNa results where Bethesda 4. Im waiting for the results to see if it is bening or cancer.

But I noticed that 10 day after surgery I feeling better and have more energy. I espected to feel tired and exhausted but thats not the case...Im glad that I have my energy back...but is this normal??

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If the nodule was pumping out thyroid hormones and making you hyperthyroid, then lowering your hormone levels (by having the nodule removed) might make you feel substantially better.

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hi, thank u for ur answer. So this is normal, have you heard more people experiencing this? because i afraid that this energy wont last.


I don't know whether it is "normal" to be honest. I've never personally had any nodules (that I know of), nor have I been hyperthyroid for any other reason.

If you find your energy levels dropping and you don't feel well, then ask for testing for hypothyroidism.

In fact, if you feel really well now, then you should get tested NOW to find out what your results you need to feel well. Most of us have no clue what results make us feel well and we have to find out by long-winded trial and error. Any way of taking a shortcut to ideal levels should be grabbed with both hands.

If you search the forum for Blue Horizon and Medichecks you should find posts detailing how patients can get private treatment without having to get permission from a doctor. It saves a lot of money. You can then ask for feedback on the results you get.


ok thank u verry much. that's a good idea


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