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Ectopic heart beats

I need help my ectopic have increased to the point I’m able to not cope and feeling off constant fear my tsh is 0.4 I’m on levothyroxine 150mcg mon wed and fri levothyroxine 125mcg tues thurs sat sun went private to cardiologist who refused to do a cardiac ct done an ecg and echo consulatant exact wards were I have a heart off a young person but the ectopic are so bad at the moment I do plenty of exercise.. my gp Just does not listen to me

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Neither GPs or Cardiologists are interested in ectopics, they are seen as a normal occurrence. I even had an angiogram and was still told normal. Getting anxious will only make them worse.


Hi - I’ve just watched a really informative you tube video by a Consultant cardiologist re ectopics and magnesium. Can be found by googling York Cardiologist

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Hi Yasamine I am not a dr but I have ectopic heart beats and low blood pressure. I am wondering if you are having palpitations.What is your blood pressure doing. Breathing excercises and meditations if you can. I have my heart checked every 3yrs with a ultra sound to check health of heart. Change your dr if you are unsure and need a second opinion. Avoid sugar too this really can kick things off.

Good health to you.


Hey thanks getting back my bp is on the lower side off normal


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