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Desperate for Erfa solution

I have been on Erfa Thyroid for last 5 years now unable to get Erfa again, GP said hospital have a duty of care and should supply me with a prescription to get Erfa from Springfield pharmacy but they won’t as they say they can’t check potency, Endo at hospital said he could prescribe Levothyroxin and Liothyronine but I was reluctant as for over 20 years of taking Levo I never felt well. My GP then said if Hospital send permission they could prescribe Erfa Thyroid, so hospital sent permission but then GP was blocked by practice whovsaid she can’t prescribe it. Now Hospital have said i should go and see my original Endo who prescribed it who is now at another hospital but in thze mean time my GP could prescribe me 300 mcg of Levothyroxin as maybe I was undermedicated for all the years of taking it! I feel this is a massive dose and to start on that amount would be madness. I was always led to believe you have to increase gradually. I have spoken to my original Endo and I am getting a referral to see him, he couldn’t comment on Dose as I’m not his patient but would discuss it with me when I come to see him, but in the mean time recommends I start on 120 Levo, as I need some medication. Anybody have any thoughts or advice on this please or can someone reccomend how to get Erfa without prescription

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We used to get NDT prescribed freely - then it was stopped and you will realise the reason if you read the following link. You will also realise that it was the 'experts' that made the statements which are untrue and that NDT has been in use in various forms since 1892:-

Those who should know better, if they had a tiny bit of compassion, woud allow T3 (sourced at a lower cost) and NDT to still be prescribed. There's no price that can be put on having good health with relief of all symptoms. Instead of the doctors giving us prescriptions for other medications to try to control symptoms which can only be done through thyroid hormones.

Also they have now stopped T3 due to cost but I think that was a 'perfect excuse' to do so and it has left many high-and-dry and forced to source their own.

Others who already source NDT will respond by a Private Message.

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