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Optimal level of iron?

Hi I'm new and trying to find out why I have heavy periods. Back in 2004 I had one so bad I had to take the day off work due to disabling cramps and clotty cycle. I have underactive thyroid but my results are not deemed severe enough to be causing this problem. Diagnosed 2008 with hypothyroidism, 2011 with iron deficiency, your thoughts please.

Ferritin 34 (30 - 400)

Iron 8 (6 - 26)

Transferrin saturation 14 (12 - 45)

Red blood cell count 4.41 (3.80 - 5.80)

White cell count 4.10 (4.00 - 11.00)

MCV 83 (83 - 98)

MCHC 365 (310 - 350)

MCH 28.1 (28 - 32)

Haemoglobin 120 (115 - 150)

Haematocrit 0.41 (0.37 - 0.47)

Platelets 245 (140 - 400)

Thanks :)

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Are you adequately treated for thyroid?

Can you add your TSH, FT4 and FT3 results plus do you have high thyroid antibodies?

Have you also had vitamin D, folate and B12 tested

Add results and ranges if you have them


Hi and thank you, I don't know what my results are.


How do I request results for thyroid etc please?


I am finding my condition very hard to accept, would like to know what to do about thyroid dose etc


First thing is to get hold of copies of your blood tests

UK GP practices are supposed to offer online access for blood test results. Ring and ask if this is available and apply to do so if possible. If it is you may need enhanced access to see blood test results.

In reality many GP surgeries do not have blood test results online yet

Alternatively ring receptionist and request printed copies of results. Allow couple of days and then go and pick up. They can make nominal charge for printing but many will do so for free (£10 max)

If antibodies are high this is Hashimoto's, (also known by medics here in UK more commonly as autoimmune thyroid disease).

About 90% of all hypothyroidism in Uk is due to Hashimoto's

Essential to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12.

Always get actual results and ranges. Post results on a new post when when you have them, members can advise

Hashimoto's affects the gut and leads to low stomach acid and then low vitamin levels

Read as much as possible about hypothyroid

Start on the home site of this support group - Thyroid UK


Thank you, I wrote a post asking how to ask for bloods. I have been refused access to them, even asked why I need them. I will try again tomorrow.


Hi Amb6

You are entitled to your results. If you register with the surgery for on line viewing if they do this, then you can see them that way. They cannot refuse to give you a copy of your results, although some surgeries may charge a small amount for them. If you cannot get them to supply these you should speak/complain to the practice manager. You can even request for a full copy of your notes if you wish think the charge is anywhere between £50 and £100. I will be interested to know how you get on.



Your iron and ferritin are very low - has your Dr investigated why they are so low? Sometimes heavy periods are not the reason despite being heavy. Low iron can be a symptom of Coeliac. Take a look at Coeliac UK for more information


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