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T4+T3 combination therapy: is there a true effect?Wilmar M Wiersinga

Paper from Stop the Thyroid Madness facebook page today with a paper on T4/T3 combination therapy.

Due to progress in basic and clinical research, we now

have a better but by no means full understanding why

T4 monotherapy may not work in all patients and why

T4+T3 combination therapy may work in some patients. It

is biologically plausible that particular polymorphisms in

thyroid hormone transporters and deiodinases are causally

related to persistent complaints during T4 monotherapy,

but proof that T4+T3 combination therapy will alleviate

such complaints is lacking.


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The studies on acceptability or preference for T4/T3 combination therapy over T4 only are all incorrectly carried out and cannot prove the point they are trying to make. You cannot get meaningful results using an unselected random group of patients - simple as that. And that is how all the studies have been done.


Sounds very interesting to me as it mentions transporters as well as deiodinase! So this may include thyroid hormone resistance. Great to hear it discussed in a more general paper. Downloading!

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