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Was told in October of 2017 that I have inactive thyroid blood test was 5.51,was put on 75mcg of levothyroxine and still on same dose,since Dec I have had right knee pain seemed to come on all of a sudden went back to doctor for it did another blood test down from 5.51 to 2.96 free 4 tsh was 0.98 can anyone tell me what these numbers mean don't understand all of this thank you

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To make it easier to understand can you list your results like this

Eg. Tsh 1.2 ref range (0.4 - 5.5 )

Ft4 4.4 (3.1 - 6.8 )


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Thanks this is what it said on lab test october 5.51 (049-4.67 ) January lab was f tsh 2.96 (049- 4.67 )the free 4 0.98 (0.61-112 ) sorry I don't understand all this but I have had joint pain since I was put on the levo


Ok I understand now. Most people feel best when there tsh is 1.0 or below so ask your doctor for a dose increase. Your doctor should have tested your nutrients, that is vit d vit b12 ferratin and folate ask for a printout of your results. People with an underactive thyroid are often deficient in these. Vitamin d in particular can cause joint pain when it is low, it needs to be raised to 100 to 150 iu don't be fobbed off with an 800iu suppliment if you are deficient it will take forever to raise your level. Your results for what I think is ft4 looks odd to me so I cannot comment on it other than it looks low, it is likely to rise if the doctor increases your dose of levothyroxin.


Thanks Greybeard for your response

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