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T3 in Belgium?

Hi everyone.

Quick summary

Hypo for 6 years and lived overseas. Happy on T3 12.5mcg (cytomel) and 100mcg levo. Returned to UK and after a battle with GP prescribed 12.5 msg liothyronine (Perrigo) pending appt with Endo. It doesn't agree with me and spent Christmas feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. Stopped taking it and waited 18 days for an appointment with GP. Told it is the only brand they can prescribe?! Feel like Ive been hit over the head with a baseball bat and falling asleep mid afternoon. Also rapidly gaining weight. Bloods in range but didnt and wont test for T3.

Still waiting for my Endo appointment (6 months so far). I am going to Brussels for a meeting next week. Will I be able to buy T3 OTC. GP wont provide a prescription for an overseas pharmacy.

Grateful for any advice.

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why not try NHS 20mcg tablets and cut up. that's what nearly everyone does here

3 options on those - Teva - lactose free

Morningside Healthcare - most of us seem to think this is the "strongest"

Mercury Pharma


Thanks but GP states they can only prescribe Perrigo. Am I being fobbed off?


That's presumably 5mcg tablets. Which are probably even more expensive than standard option of 20mcg



You are certainly being misinformed. As SlowDragon said, Mercury Pharma, Morningside Healthcare and Teva Liothyronine are the usual Liothyronine prescribed in the UK. They are all 20mcg though so you will have to get a pillcutter and see whether 10mcg or 15mcg doses are best for you.


I'm pretty certain that you cannot get T3 OTC in Belgium. I think that, these days, the only places you can get it are Mexico and Turkey.


No, T3 is not available OTC in Belgium (I have lived there for 10 years). In fact, T3 has never been available in Belgium at all, only synthetic combo drug Novothyral (T3 + T4) was until a few years ago when it was taken off the market. Since then, only T4 drugs are available in Belgium (prescription only).

T3 used to be available OTC in Greece, but lots of problems have been reported in recent months and have no idea if things have improved since.


Thanks everyone


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