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I’ve been on Levothyroxine for over 10 years and the only difference has been an improvement with dry skin. I’ve never felt any less tired.

I’ve had recent private blood tests and am still investing the implications. This site has been helpful.

I was wondering about not taking Levothyroxine for a short while just to see if it’s doing much good.

Any idea how long it would take?

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You need the levo to live! It is a necessary hormone .Post your results : TSH,FT4 ,FT3, antibodies,Ferritin,folate,B12 and D3 for advice.


I've done that. I was just trying to get a baseline first. Thanks



Your baseline will be the TSH, FT4 and FT3 levelsyou had when you were first prescribed Levothyroxine.

I don't recommend you stop taking Levothyroxine but if you decide to do so it will take around 8 weeks for the Levothyroxine to clear your system. You'll probably start feeling rubbish after two weeks and want to resume your current dose.


Definitely do NOT stop your Levothyroxine. You can become extremely ill. Some of us react very quickly and rapidly to cut in dose

Did you get your vitamin D tested yet


Updated results.

Levothyroxine 100 microgram - ONE EVERY DAY

Levothyroxine 25 microgram - ONE ALTERNATE DAYS

Serum total 25-hydroxy vitamin D level 16.6 nmol/L (GP has put me on D3.)


FREE THYROXINE 17.9 pmol/L 12.00 - 22.00

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 94 nmol/L 59.00 - 154.00

FREE T3 4.8 pmol/L 3.10 - 6.80



Vitamin B12 442 pg/ml 197 - 771

Folate (serum) 6.8 ug/L > 2.9

FERRITIN * 417 ug/L 30 - 400

C Reactive protein 0.8 mg/L <5.0


All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting and don't take Levo in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results

Is this how you did test?

If so

Your thyroid levels are slightly on low side.

Free Thyroxine could be touch higher

Total T4 again could be higher

FT3 on low side

Personally I would try 125mcg daily

Vitamins are low because of being under medicated

Clearly you vitamin D was dire

How much Vitamin D has GP prescribed? Hopefully NOT just 800iu

You need LOADING dose

Look up your local CCG guidelines on Vitamin D deficiency

Eg Oxfordshire

Plus self supplement magnesium and vitamin K2 Mk7

Once vitamin D level is up around 100nmol you will then need a maintenance dose. Trial and error what you need. We are all different. Vitamin D mouth spray by Better You is good as avoids poor gut function of Hashimoto's

Testing twice yearly via £28

Your B12 and folate are also on low side (GP won't agree)

Supplementing a good vitamin B complex and B12 sublingual lozenges 1000mcg daily may help

With autoimmune disease low B vitamins are common and often ignored

Ferritin can be too high due to inflammation due to Hashimoto's

Getting Vitamin D, folate, B12 improved

Recommend you then retest thyroid levels in 2-3 months

Detailed supplements advice from SeasideSusie

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I didnt know at the time. I did fast an did not take levo for over 24 hours.


0.15 mIU/L Private test done in the afternoon.

0.48 mIU/L First thing in the morning. GP.

GP did put me on 800iu D3. I have ordered D3 6000iu

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I stopped taking my levothyroxine after 10 years, last October. I found it did stop my extreme tiredness, but I got dizzy, a saw head and started taking it again in December. I was on 50mcg.

I did not test my levels before, wish I had as I might have found out what was going on. Some people believe that when you stop taking it your thyroid will get more damaged. I have got the Izabella Wentz book Hashimototo's Protocol A 90 Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting your Life Back. You can get a lot of her information on line if you want to find out more. Mark Hyman also good. They all advise going gluten free. My doctor has also put me on vit.D3, she said that was why I was so tired. At least I can stay awake now after 6pm. Good luck and all the best.


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