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DIO2 gene testing result

Can anyone suggest where I might find more info or studies on DIO2 genetic tests? I have Hashimoto's. I am seeing the GP tomorrow and I just discovered a few days ago that I have a faulty gene, but my specific result doesn't seem to be covered in the main study linked on Thyroid UK site. They only seem to cover TT/TC/CC genotypes. Mine has come back as follows (I'm a bit confused by it all but mine looks like a different variant to those in the studies)

DIO2 (T92A) rs225014 Heterozygous variant genotype TA

I want to be sure to give the GP relevant data to my result so he doesn't dismiss it. I want to ask for T3...

Thank you clever folk!

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The Regenerus report has some technical mistakes in how it reports the results. I've raised a post on this and got a reply from Regenerus and will update my post with the details when I have time.

In the meantime, your result means you are heterogenerous for the polymorphism, the equivalent of a 'TC' result, it just isn't reported correctly by Regenerus.

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Ah, thank you! I just found and commented on your other post! hehe!

If you manage to get email from Regenerus written up or have anything else that I can show to my GP if necessary, I'd be very grateful!

Thank you :)


I've now put a detailed comment in my original post healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... .


Thank you! 😊


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