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Hello I take Actavis Levo and have got on really well on it. My GP prescribed me an additional 25mcg dosage from 150mcg to 175mcg but on the form I was still down as being on 150mcg. The chemist called my GP and they told them to issue me an emergency prescription of 10 days of 25mcg Levo so that I would be on my full 175mcg dose but the box is not labelled and there is no brand stated, just a plain white box which says Levo emergency prescription for 10 days. A week in and I have begun to feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. I remember having problems with a different brand of Levo so I am wondering if I have been given this different brand again?

Advice appreciated, thank you

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Sounds like it probably is.

Make sure to get some that's the same brand next time. Take this back to the Pharmacist on Tuesday and ask for Activis 25mcg as replacement

Meanwhile just use Activis till then

Presumably you only have 100mcg and 50mcg tablets.

You can cut a 50mcg tablet in half using a craft knife.

Or if that's too difficult take 150mcg one day and 200mcg the next.

Levo is a storage hormone. It doesn't have to be same dose everyday

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Actavis is only available in 50 and 100mcg. I had a very bad reaction to mercury Pharma when I went from 100 to 125mcg. Now I get a scrip for 100mcg and 50mcg Actavis and cut the 50's in half and take alternate days. (a pack of 50 mcg therefore lasts about 3 months) Pharmacist should have labelled the box of 10 day supply with the manufacturer name. Never let a pharma or doctor change your scrip. Stick with the same brand. Pill cutters available at Boots. Hopee you soon feel better

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I had a reaction to 25mcg tablets too. I think it was because they contain acacia powder which is a common allergen for anyone who gets hayfever. I also now get 50mcg acacia free tablets and cut them in half. I felt much better within a day or two of ditching the 25mcg ones.


To crimple,

Yes, me too.


My understanding is that actavis don't make 25mcg so you might be better splittng the 50?


Ring the pharmacy and find out which brand they issued. They can put on your medical record not to issue the brand that doesn’t suit you



Look at the tablets.

Post here what they look like - letters, numbers, any other markings - describe both sides.

They are straightforward to identify.

You are entitled to a Patient Information Leaflet with each and every prescription - no matter how small. Ask next time! :-) You should also ask, and be told, the batch number and expiry date.


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