Help please, overdose of levo

I take 150 mcg of levo thyroxine daily. My chemist ran out of my usual brand and gave me, i now realise, a mixed prescription of some boxes containg 50 mcg and some containing 100mcg. I started taking 3 tablets of the 50 mcg but moved on to a box containg 100mcg thinking they were still 50 mcg. For the last 10 days at least i have, unwittingly been taking 300mcg per day. Please tell me what i should do? I feel quite scared. I dont feel hyper but i do feel a bit off colour like i have a cold coming.

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  • Janiebell, you can skip 3 or 4 doses to let the 300mcg doses wash out and then resume 150mcg.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Clutter, thank you so much for your reply. Youve put my mind at rest. Perhaps now i will get some sleep!

  • Find a brand that you are happy with and that your pharmacy can get readily and stick with it! I know your extra was caused by being a bit confused but also different brands of the same dose can be different strengths as well so find a brand then ask you GP to request it on your prescription and that rules out one variable you be could be getting.

  • Yes, Ive taken Mercury Pharma for years and always stick with it but when i picked up my prescription and it was Activis i decided to give it a whirl out of interest. Got more than i bargained for!

  • Yes I was on MP as well and at one time I decided to safe the NHS a bit of money and instead of getting my 125 and 100 doses all in 25's I also found 4x 25 did not work the same as 1x 100! More years ago before I even knew why I was getting 3 months at a time and found a different brand each time and had to modify my dose. I said this to the pharmacist and she thought the different fillers so suggested I asked the doctor to supply on the one brand on my prescription so we all thought MP as most often supplied and had 100's and 25's. A few years later America said all drugs hat to be within certain ranges so one could be 100+ mcg and another 100- so over a week would make a difference Now it is suggested in some circles that you stick with the same!

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