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possible reason for rise in cost of T3?!

In today's telegraph "tiny tummy patch cuts fat fast without exercise" Page 10 The tummy patch contains Beta 3 adregenic receptor agonist and thyroid hormone T3. Scientists in Singapore have developed the patch with micro needles which injects the above and transforms white fat to brown fat which body can more easily get rid of. Cuts body fat by 30% in 28 days! No need to exercise! sounds too good to be true but the Pharma industry will love it! It should only cost £2.50 per patch , no doubt be a few noughts on there by the time it comes to market.

Footnote the two drugs are currently available as weightloss oral meds on prescription. No wonder Endos etc do not understand why we really need T3. They obviously think we are all weight obdessed/ overeating..........

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Yep I’ve just posted similar article from DM.

I cannot quite believe what I’m reading. Here are we, fighting for the right to take a thyroid hormone naturally produced in our bodies and necessary to life and being bullied at every opportunity.

And since when was T3 licenced and prescribed for weight loss!!!?


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