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Rhinitis anyone

I got a range of blood tests done on Thursday after requesting testing for Hypothyroidism. Still awaiting results and will post when I have them. Having done a few searches on the net It does appear there's a link between hypothyroidism and rhinitis. My nose and sinuses can go dry especially after eating or getting up in the morning.

Can anyone shed any light please?

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I have Vasomotor Rhinitis.

Not sure of proven link.

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Thanks for the reply Mary, may I ask what symptoms do you have


Attacks are triggered by fumes - perfume, air 'fresheners' , any chemical sprays, fumes from old diesle vehicles left running etc. This makes breathing difficult so I have to avoid people wearing strong or excessive perfume and people using sprays. Have post-nasal drip.

I also have chronic sinusitis . Have small, abnormally shaped maxicilliary sinuses with the drainage holes in the wrong place (at the top). So the surgeon made them bigger while he was in there. I had a Bi-lateral exploratory of the Maxicilliary Sinuses. Several months earlier I had a Corrective Rhinoplasty. Decades ago.


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