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Nature treatment best for Grave disease /TED ?

Hi,I have been in treatment for my Grave disease for 10 months.I am currently on Carbimazole-10,Levothyroxine-100.But after start treatment.I don't feel better.Still have symptoms of the Grave disease.Regular increasing lowering medicines and blood check ups.My Endo says it will take time for curing.I am now hopeless about my treatment.Can I practice both natural and conventional treatments same time?Or Mixing both treatments give side effects?Does anyone know effective and non-side effect supplements for Grave disease and TED?

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What were your last thyroid level results? You need to be tested every 8 weeks if possible so you stay as stable as possible.


My blood check is in french.Here are my results.,

TSH -8.28mUI/L(0.35-4.94),




Your tsh is very high, I'm no expert on block and replace but it might be a bit tricky to add extra treatments into the process. I would suggest that you check out elainemoore.com. She is an expert in the field and may have some useful tips relating to block and replace. I do know that japanese studies using b&r found that most patients did best with 2-4 years of treatment, so yes it takes time unfortunately

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Have you had your antibodies tested? Any antibodies? Doesn't sound to me like your doctor knows what he's doing.

Your results being 'in French' doesn't matter - results are results - but we do need the ranges to understand the TL3 and TL4 (FT3 and FT4 in English). :)

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