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Pain with multinodular goiter

Good morning!

I am in my second year of having a multinodular goiter. My levels has been checking out as normal, however, there has been significant growth. The right side has grown up to almost 7. The left side has increased to a 5. My Endo sent me for surgery consultation and the surgeon wants to remove my entire thyroid coming this Tuesday. I have noticed and increase in pain along the side of my neck on both sides. It also hurts when I turn my head fast. Has anyone ever experienced pain?

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The pain is probably due to the swollen thyroid or nodules pressing on nerves.

I was advised to have soups and soft foods available for a few days after thyroidectomy in case of pain when swallowing. I had little post-op pain and the copious pain relief supplied by the hospital dealt with what discomfort there was. You will probably be advised to take a couple of weeks off work and should avoid driving until you can comfortably turn your head.

I hope all goes well on Tuesday.


Thank you so much!


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