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Trouble swallowing

Just wondered,have any of you had trouble swallowing. I occasionally have trouble swallowing, not food but saliva. It can feel like something has gone down the wrong way or like it's moving too slow..... It's not a pleasent sensation. I know this sounds ridiculous! I have read that it could be related to my hashi's.

I don't want to go to the doctor unless it's something they can assist with. I am sure lots of you experienced those doctors who make you fight for help.....Can anything be done? If not, it's not worth the trip

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Hi there you do need to go docs as there are tests they can send you for but all takes time. I was diagnosed being hyperthyoid and hashimotos disease but previous to that i had swallowing problems and food getting logded and a choking feeling- 7 years ago i gad a endoscopy which picked up a hiatus hernia and acid reflux which can cause same symptons, however back in early july visted ent consultant who done a laproscopy-clear also and then followed by a barium swallow-clear. I then discovered a thyroid problem which my swallowing had worsened and food was getting trapped and feel it in my neck area and even drinking water felt like i was choking,also vocal changes this has much improved whist being on carbimazole-you do need to see a doctor but they will probably go down the stomach route first usually barium meal then endoscopy but if you think you have thyroid disease because of lots of other symptons you could push for thyroid bloods-please see your doc, without frightening you swallowing problems are a concern and needs to be invetigated.

There are lots of people on here with them issues.good luck😊


Sorry i did mean to mention saliva as this was a provlem for me aswell as the food-that is how i started with the saliva.xx


Thanks for the reply, i always forget to put my alreadys when i post, sorry.... I am already diagnosed hashi's. Have been on Levo for three years, GF for ten years, dairy, sugar, grains and pulses free for one year. I had a laproscopy this time last year because i kept throwing up (was a liver function problem) but nothing was found. The swallowing issue is relatively new though..... What is carbimozole?

Thanks x


Carbimazole is the meds for hyperthyroid. But i know alot of people have probs swallowing with hashis. Im also gluten free and soya free as im celuac aswell-not much fun is it.

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It sucks! 🤣

Thanks xxx


I was diagnosed Hypo in 2012. I’ve had swallowing issues and spasms for quite a few years now. Sometimes the spasms can be quite painful. You are not alone!


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