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Really struggling

I was on 125mg of levo and my TSH at last check had risen slightly to 1.4, so I've literally just had my bloods done today to get them checked again as I'm starting to feel very tired. I'm finding it hard to do anything. I've got a nice job at the moment and some private contract work, but every time I sit down to start something, I find it very hard to focus and I'm getting behind. I don't know if this is a symptom. I've already rung in sick a couple of times to the job and I worry like mad that I'm going to lose it.

Anyway, the other reason I'm struggling is that I've been sick for weeks. A cold virus and cough, followed by full-blown flu, which is now an awful cold with a chesty cough. My throat has started to go again today and my glands are up. My mouth is full of ulcers. It has been like this since the second week of September and I'm getting really down with it all. I don't know if this is a result of poor thyroid function too.

I'm so worried because I'm knackered and I just want to sleep, but I can't lose my job.

I don't know where I go from here.

They say wait 6 weeks, get your bloods rechecked. If they are going downhill, you have that time to wait, then the time it takes for a dose increase (if you are given one) to kick in. All this times passes and then any lift seems to be temporary. I'm losing more and more parts of my life. I feel good for nothing at the moment and very pointless.

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What happened about your liver results, you said they were a bit 'off' in one of your posts? If you've got a virus it's likely you'll feel unwell. If you're taking pain relief or other medicines for the virus infection they might be interracting with your thyroid medication. Make sure you take them far enough apart from thyroid hormone.


Thanks :). I always leave at least an hour or two before taking anything else. I was given antibiotics, but they didn't do anything - I think the Dr was hoping it might help because I'd been sick for so long. The only thing I took regularly (after a gap) were max strength cold tablets and ibuprofen.

My liver function had improved and the scan was okay. However, I went to A&E a fortnight ago (I'd pulled the muscles in my side from coughing - hence ibuprofen- but, because I'd flown, the doctor insisted I get checked for blood clots and sent me there). Anyway, they tested lots of things and gave me a chest X-ray, told me I was fine and sent me away. Today I got a phone call to tell me A&E have written to my GP and I have to go and see them. I do wonder if it's my liver again as it's been up and down a lot over the past couple of years. Put it this way, there's probably something else going on.

It feels like an endless fight and I have no idea how to get better.


Be cautious with ibuprofen. It can affect your stomach and we often struggle with gut health. Better to take medicines at least 4 hours apart from levothyroxine. I know that's difficult with antibiotics but it's important to try to preserve optimal absorption of levothryoxine especially when feeling unwell. It sounds like you'll find out more when you visit the doctor.

Is there anything you can do about work such as take a planned break while getting over the virus and sorting out your health? Do you have a manager at work you could speak to and would they be happier about a planned break than just taking a few days off here and there?

Can ulcers be due to low mineral levels? I seem to recall something about zinc deficiency linked to some kind of mouth ulcers but I don't know what kind. Ask your doctor about it.


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