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Sub acute thyroiditis triggered by flu

Has anyone any experience of going through it? Particularly interested in what your thyroid blood levels are like 5 months + after the trigger.

Part of me believes that my strugglin thyroid and hashimoto raised antibodies were caused by this.

I wasnt tested until 4 months after a very bad sore throat couldnt move with it which caused massive weight loss. Caught the bug in city were at least 12 swine flu deaths were diagnosed in same period of time. Caught it off a local.

I am very interested to know of the levels of anyone 4 to 5 months after it and beyond. I have read it can last 18 months. I am 21 months since that sore throat. Didnt take anything for it at all let it ran its course. Was excruciating pain for week.

At 18 monts post the bad throat: Tsh is 3.32 antibodies are 9 above range. Want to know if antibodies are present with u if u had sub acute. If so what kind if levels and what were they like over period of time how did they evolve?

Have massive hairloss. (Also developed gastritis during that time and hpylori likely caused by sudden anorexic weightloss and atress all happened at same time. Dr waiting to see if antibodies will drop after eradication of h pylori)

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Jump 1,

I have been through it. You need to provide any/all tests you have had and your symptoms at different stages.


Am copying info from previous posts: When all my troubles started, I had stress for a month which was bad. But it was immediately followed by what I thought at the time and still do not know if it was or not a 'flu'

it affected my throat, not my nose and not my chest. I caught it in Dublin in early February 16. (at that time there were several deaths from swine flu in Dublin) a child I was in the company of had what we believe was 'a flu' I got it from them.

I couldn't swallow anything at all so for a week I was bed ridden, could eat nothing could barely swallow water with the pain. Lost the stone rapidly. Was like an anorexic by the end of the week.

Couldn't eat properly because of the throat and loss of appetite for a couple of weeks. took about 2 months to put the weight back on.

I didn't go near the dr, (never did before this) just rested at home and let it run its course.

I have since over the past 2 years discovered I have a struggling tsh and raised antibodies heading towards hashimitos as a GP told me today. I also discovered h pylori infection stomach pain over the past 2 years along with hair loss. I reckon the stress and loss of weight lowered my stomach acid enough to let it run wild. Prob had the h pylori infection for years and years but was kept under control by my stomach acid.

My question is could that bug or whatever it was have been the trigger? I thought at the time it could have been swine flu when I heard there were people in Dublin the same week dying from it and I caught it from a Dubliner. Though they were fine in the end, took a few weeks for the child to recover to, I think they got antibiotics from the gp for the child.

would it be possible do you think that there is a link between it - when my hair loss started long before I knew my thyroid results, I did think could it be sub acute thyroiditis caused by that throat infection. I couldn't touch my throat with the pain, even a swallow was sore, never felt or got a flu/bug every in my life like it, I couldn't move my head, had to keep absolutely still or would feel terrible pain. I was hoarse and couldn't speak the first week. it got slightly better and could speak a bit the second week. What do you think any possible impact/connection on my situation now?

Aug 17

Ft4 16.6 pmol/l 12 -22

T4 106.5 nmoll 59 -154

Tsh 3.32 0.27 - 4.2

Ft3 4.69 pmol 3.1 -6.8

Rt3 16 ng dl 10 - 24

Peroxidase antibodies 43 0-34

Tgab 19.4 0-115

Protein 68 gl 63 -83

Vit b12 699 197 - 771

Active b12 61 25.1 -165

Haemoglobom 128 115 - 155

Hct 0.405 0.33 -0.45

Rcc 4.36 3.95 - 5.15

Mcv 92.9 80 -99

Mch 29.4 26-33.5

Mchc 316 300 -350

Rdw 12.4 11.5 - 15

Platelet count 239 150- 400

Wcc 3.7 3 -10

Neutophils 1.64 2.0 -7.5

Lymphocytes 1.60 1.2 -3.65

Monocytes 0.35 0.2 -1

Eosinphils 0.06 0.0 -0.4

Bassiphols 0.05 0.0 - 1

Ferritin 50 15 - 150

Gastric paretal cell negative

Intinsic factor antibodies 0.6

First thyroid tests june 16 4 months after the flu and sore throat

Ft4 19.4

Tsh 3.18

21st oct 16



Jan 17



May 17



Hair loss throoughout all months everywhere

First 4 months after flu

Slow to regain appetite and weight took 2-3 months. Freezing all the time wearing jacket.

Dry lips

From may 16 until march 17

Heavy clotting periods but were short

From jan 17

Noticed lack of sweating

From ? Until jan 17

sweating at night and overheating up waking from sleep

From june 17 to now

New symptoms

Swelling of fingers and feet noticed

Noticed bruising on legs


Lighter shorter periods

Poor sleep throughout. But was worse when over heating.

Put a stone of weight on from july 16 until prob march 17. Was always 8 - 8 and half. Was 9 and half durinf that time. Most weight on bum hips and thighs. I have lost a half stone maybe since -mayb it is from.not eating sws at lunch and cutting out cereal. All the weight around legs etc back to preety much the way it was before. But i have been eating more this past 3 months than ever before. Because of h pylori eating more protein eggs meat and lots and lots more fruit and veg. But was eating plenty of that stuff anyway from may 2016 onwards.

Sorry i havent really trackes my symptoms much. Didnt get full testing done until august this year. And dr told me when i asked in jan 17 could i have subacute that it wasnt.

I def had a killer of a throat infection. Never felt the type of pain in my throat before or since. It was swollen couldnt swallow

Ferritin was 16 at start in may 16. Oct 16 went to 22. Jan 17 40. Feb 17 dropped to 30 (had been on active holiday just back assumed lost it from all exercise from may to oct 4 floradix a day). May up to 60 june up to 71. (Was supplementing with iron prescription for a month from march to april from derm. Then floradix after that at high does) Then in aug/sept 17 down to 50 ( assume it dropped because went off supplements during h py treatmenr). Was supplementing floradiz again this past 3 weeks but stipped the other day in prep for nutritional tests next week.


Jump 1,

Your symptoms and results suggest to me that you had SAT. It is usually caused by an upper respiratory tract infection. As you have have discovered it yourself rather than your doctor, I am sure you read all about it. It's also called viral Thyroiditis.

The cycle of your symptoms and blood results is fitting with it. However, as you have creeping antibodies, your doctor should advise you about it. You said your GP has told you you are heading towards Hashimotos. This would mean that s/he is going to give you thyroid replacement at some point.

Ask your GP to do an ultrasound of your neck. It should have been done ASAP when pain originally started. But I know they don't take it seriously. After a lot of fight, mine was done at least 2 months later.

You wanted to know, how my blood results were after 4-5 months after.

I had pain in my neck front in Nove:


I am on a trial of levothyroxine. I am not sure yet if I am on right dose or even I should be taking it at all. But I had no option but to try it as my health was not very good even after 18 months.

My antibodies are negative. Both below the range. I don't know about h pylori but I do think your ferritin level needs to be raised. B12 is good.

Have you got your vitamin D checked? Will it be part your nutrition test?

Your TSH first went up and then it is gradually falling without medication. Then in your latest tests TSH has gone up just a bit and frees have fallen too. You keep monitoring your TSH, FT3, FT4 and antibodies regularly like every 2 months.

Thyroid can recover from SAT but not necessarily. There is no other way but to keep monitoring it. Your antibodies are suggest Hashimotos as well. So, in any case while working on your nutrition, I would keep a close eye on thyroid results on a regular basis with the help of your GP. Thyroxine may be warranted if things don't improve or get worse in terms of results.

Nutrition might need a lift.

Good luck.



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