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AZWobbly from ataxia joins the hypothyroid group

I am already on ataxia uk, and now saw the thyroid uk. Unfortunately, I fit on both. I've been hypothyroid for some time, but was only finally medicated in 2016. Meanwhile, I also found out that I do have ataxia, so I'm a bit of a mess. It has, however, caused me to do so much more research, and learn a lot. I've found that you really have to be your own health advocate, as doctors do not know as much as they should about treating such offbeat conditions. Most doctors look at me like I've just landed from Mars when it comes to my ataxia. Great support. NOT. My hypothyroidism was behaving itself until recently. Now I've been extremely fatigued and feeling very "unwell". It has been suggested that I also have Hashimoto's. My reading suggests that it is hard to know which condition comes first; not unlike the chicken and egg debate. :-) Anyway, I am so glad to find another site to help me unravel the mysteries of my deteriorating body, and share any info I unearth. BTW, I live in the USA. My best to all fellow sufferers!!

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Hi and Welcome ! I too am on Ataxia UK and have recently posted about Hashimotos and Ataxia with a short video.

Ataxia - of unknown cause - can be due to Hashimotos - also LOW B12 - and gluten. All well documented. Sadly Docs do not often join up the dots. Being in the US means you could access Functional Docs who will have more understanding. Check out the IFM website - Institute of Functional Medicine and see if there is someone near you.

It would be a good idea to obtain your latest Thyroid results with ranges from the Doc - you are legally entitled to have copies - well here in the UK. I see you are in the US :-)

These are the required tests for the Thyroid - TSH - FT4 - FT3 and thyroid anti-bodies TPO & Tg. Also B12 - FOLATE - FERRITIN - VITD are very important and need to be optimal and not bumping along the bottom of the range. B12 needs to be around 500+ - Folate and Ferritin mid-range and VitD at 60+.

A great book is by Dr Datis Kharrazian - Why Isn't My Brain Working ? - where he mentions that gluten molecules can penetrate the blood brain barrier and cause inflammation. I am now gluten free ! If you do not want to buy the book I would suggest going to his website and signing up for his Newsletters to keep informed.

Click onto the above link and scroll down to view the neurological signs of B12 deficiency and you will see that Ataxia is mentioned. It is highlighted so you can click onto it for more information.

Happy to help should you need more information .... :-)


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