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Hi everyone , I'm new here and worried after a visit to the doctor

I've had a swelling on the side of my new for a few months , it's not sore and I didn't have other symptoms.

I visited the doctors yesterday and explained that although I had no immediate problems after googling I had a few things that I could associate with a thyroid problem , thining hair , tiredness , neck swelling , poor sense of smell and a family history of thyroid problems.

The doctor felt my neck and kept saying oh no a midline swelling, both sides ( I can't feel it on the left ). She said she would arrange a ultra sound .

I kept asking if it could be my thyroid she kept saying no 🙈. But the more I look in to it the more it fits , but of course I'm now in a major panick about what it may be, has anyone had any experience with anything like this?

I have a three week wait for bloods to be taken and a six week wait for an ultra sound

Thanks in advance

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Thyroid conditions are very common and the vast, vast majority are benign. From what you say, there are thyroid conditions in your family so that's reassuring as thyroid conditions can be treated. I'm not sure why you have to wait 3 weeks for a blood test as thyroid blood tests can be done at your docs surgery. Have you been referred to the hospital for blood tests? It doesn't sound like your doc is too worried or you'd have been fast tracked so perhaps you can relax a little??


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