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My son has swollen tonsils for nearly 7 months

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My son is having issues in his throat for 6 months making him very sick and not as active or outgoing due to feeling ill all the time. His dad had lymphoma in his thyroid and had half removed. My son had enlarged tonsils with pitting and complains of soreness in his thyroid area. Also get smelly breathe and yellow tongue and constantly feels sick, sometimes worse than others. Finding it almost impossible to get help from peadiatrician or ENT who said it's not tonsilitus. Which I already know that! They just keep giving him reflux meds which aren't helping. Its seriously affecting his quality of life.

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Seven months is a long time for a young person to feel unwell. Do you think he may be hypothyroid.? You could push to see a general physician if the ENT consultant isn't coming up with answers. Has he had a full thyroid blood panel? I'm sorry but I'm not sure what else to suggest. Your son obviously needs a diagnosis.

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No he hasnt had full blood panel for his thyroid. Im booking back in with the gp as cant wait until January to see consultant after taking reflux meds that don't work. Do you know exactly what I should ask for to make sure they don't miss anything?

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Well, being a mother myself, I would consider that the consultant(s) you have seen so far haven't got him well, and haven't comprehended that he's still unwell. So refuse to see them again. That's the reason I suggested a General Physician if you are going NHS route. Basically because nobody seems to actually know what's making him ill. I think you should urgently put pressure on his GP to do a load of blood tests. You must tell the GP that the consultants he saw have wasted time. His father has had thyroid issues so I would request thyroid blood tests along with as many more that the GP is willing to do. eg iron, vitamins, blood platelets etc. I'm sorry but I don't know what else to suggest.

From the description, I was wondering if your son has Tonsilloliths (tonsil stones) but I'd expect ENT to have picked up on those.

How very worrying for you. You've requested a second opinion as well as some more extensive blood work?

We we're at one GP who because of my persistence has decided to write to peadiatrician telling lies that I'm insistent my son has celiacs disease like me.. I don't even have celiacs disease, I have gluten intolerance. They've apparently spoken to my ex partner who says they say I'm arrogant and think I know everything because I have access to google and have put it on file ( I informed them I would be making a formal complaint prior to this) Now I'm getting grief off his dad saying I'm making my son ill, because he won't go to see his dad as he feels sick and he doesnt believe him and he doesn't want to go to school as all they do is tell him to drink water. Im at my wits end with it all and now getting pressure from school and his dad on top! Ive moved to another GP who isn't doing much either, they can probably see the notes from the previous GP saying im the problem!? We've also seen a peadiatrician who did stool samples and bloods, still waiting to find out what bloods were done? Not heard back so I assume they all came back fine and also just seen ENT last week who only carried out a physical examination then decided to do a camera to look at his voice box? Which also showed nothing. When i mention his dad thyroid lymphoma and the fact my dad had lymphoma in all his glands.. I'm just dismissed. Been to new GP again this morning, who did just a quick physical examination and prescribed reflux meds and antibiotics as he seems to keep getting infections a lot on top of the sickness and sore throat that's already there. I'm going to try find out what thyroid bloods have been done and order a private test for the ones that haven't myself. I'm lost for what else to do. He's begging me not to send him in school again this morning as every morning but it's really getting me down seeing him like this and no one seems to be helping!

He's had the following bloods done at previous GP in May and he's 9 yrs old.

Serum ferritin 44 ug/L

Lymphocyte count 2.5

Total white cell count 5.6

RBC 4.21

Platelet count 284

25 hydroxy vit D 66.6 nmol/L

Serum folate 12.4 ug/L

Serum b12 435 ng/L

Serum TSH 1.7 mU/L

Serum C reactive protein < 4 mg/L

So no extensive bloods for thyroid by looks of it.

Update his TSH is now 2.4.. Is this good?

Vit D now 41?

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