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Can you be prescribed Erfa on NHS?

Is it the case that NHS endocrinologist won't prescribe Erfa ?

Someone locally saw the senior endocrinologist PRIVATELY and was prescribed Erfa but when I saw a member of the senior endocrinologist'S TEAM "I was told I don't prescribe it only Levothyroxine".

So would I have to see the SENIOR endocrinologist privately to get the private prescription or can the NAMED PATIENT PRESCRIPTION HELP?

Please can I have some advice?

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All NDTs can be prescribed if the doctor/endocrinologists wish but it has to be on a named-patient basis as the instructions are that levothyroxine alone will relieve all of our clinical symptoms.

When they provide a 'named-patient' basis they are taking the responsibility on themselves alone, whereas if levo is prescribed and patient has a reaction it doesn't fall on Endos/GPs head.

If private they can please themselves what they prescribe but some will still only prescribe levo.

If you want a private consultation you can email who has a list of sympathetic doctors.



Erfa and other brands of NDT are not licensed for UK use so they are rarely prescribed on the NHS. Although doctors can prescribe it via a named patient basis prescription because it is not licensed they are not obliged to do so. Some CCGs will not permit prescribing of NDT on NHS.

Most members using NDT have private prescriptions or buy online and self medicate. If you want to self medicate write a post asking members to recommend sources via private message.


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