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Reverse T3

I attended the thyroid Uk conference in the Cotswolds today, it was very good.

Thank you very much all who were involved in organising it.

Can I please seek help on the RT3, I understand that more is know about it now and wonder if I have that problem, but don't understand my t st result, can someone please put me right.

Blue Horizen test. Reverse T3* 23.0. Range 10-24

Reverse T3 ratio. LOW 10.28. >20

Not sure if I have a reverse problem or no , please help , thanks

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I would be more interested in seeing your FT4 and FT3 results.

Your rT3 is at the top of the range, but who said that is a problem?

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My T4. 19.14. 12-22

T3. 3.63. 3.1-6-8

Reason for posting was after thyroid uk conference Saturday one of the doctors said that they now believe it can play a part in chronic illness. I believe at one time they thought it was only important in acute illness.

I need to consider this as I have a chronic illness., lupus plus a slow growing cancer. Separating one from the other is difficult, but I suffer a lot of pain symptoms.

Thanks for your response

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OK, so from your FT4 plus FT3, I can tell that you have a conversion problem, and that your rT3 is going to be high. But, the conversion problem is not caused by your high rT3. The reason you have high rT3 is because you have too much unconverted T4 swimming around in your system, and one of the reasons you have a lot of symptoms is because your FT3 is far too low to make you well.

I don't call any of that an rT3 problem. rT3 is inactive, and contrary to popular belief, does not clog up T3 récepteurs making you ill, you just don't have enough FT3 to fill the récepteurs.

I'm not sure it plays a part in either chronic or acute illness, but if you are ill, you more than likely going to have high rT3 - unless your illness is caused by low T3, like hypothyroidism - because rT3 is nature's break. It slows the body down, so that it can rest, rebuild and recover. But that's not to say that rT3 causes any illness.

What you need to do is lower your levo, and add in some T3. And, when doctors understand that, they'll have made a huge step towards understanding and treating thyroid problems. :)

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Thankyou GG very useful info


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