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Anyone diagnosed with secondary hypothyroidism here? TRH test?


I've been told I should be investigated for secondary / central hypothyroidism. I saw an endocrinologist who dismissed this himself, as my other hormones were in check, but TSH,free t4 and free t3 all low end of normal.

Has anyone got this? If so how were you diagnosed and treated? Did anyone manage to have the TRH stimulation test which was previously used?

Or was anyone treated just on these low values and symptoms alone?


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You might find this paper of some interest:


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Yes I have this.

I was treated on blood values alone but other investigations were done subsequently.

My TSH rose to the heady heights of 6.2 but both my FT's were well below range. I felt and was desperately poorly to the point of collapse.

I didn't have the TRH test.

Your endocrinologist is WRONG. You can indeed lose single pituitary hormones. I would suggest you find and show him papers and research on....

Isolated TSH deficiency and Isolated TRH deficiency.

If you do have central hypothyroidism your FT's will continue to drop whilst your TSH remains either low, normal or just above range.

There are many, many different causes of hypothalamic/pituitary deficiency.

I doubt that I shall ever know just what has caused mine because in truth it is complicated.

A scan of the pituitary will only rule out the presence of an adenoma what it won't do is reveal the plethora of other causes of hypothalamic/pituitary disfunction.


Thank you @Joesmum! So helpful to know and to have those terms to look up.

please could you message me who your specialist is? Would be so helpful to know there's someone helpful out there!!

Also what do you take- thyroxine or just t3?



Lulu, I've PM'd you.


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