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TEAMeD-5 - Improving Outcomes in Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid eye disease (TED) is a distressing complication of Graves’ disease (GD). TED can have a significant and negative impact upon the quality of patients’ lives and visual function. Delays in making a diagnosis of TED and initiating treatment are common. A recent study has shown that the median time from first symptoms to a diagnosis of TED is 7 months and the median time from first visit to any doctor with symptoms to diagnosis is 2 months. TEAMeD (Thyroid Eye Disease Amsterdam Declaration Implementation Group UK) was established in 2009 to implement the Amsterdam Declaration, which pledged to improve care for people with TED and prevent TED in those at risk. This autumn, TEAMeD is launching “TEAMeD-5”, a campaign to promote better care for patients with, or at risk of, TED.

TEAMeD-5 will be officially launched at the SfE BES in November 2017.

The article that appeared in The Endocrinologist can be found here (pdf version here)

Click on the text on the poster or scroll down for more details. (via link below)


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