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losing weight

i posted few days ago that i lose weight.i was 55 kilograms.Today i weight myself at 54 kilograms..and i i dont force myself to eat like for an afternoon i m gonna lose like half a kilogram.i m losing weight fast but i m not trying to.i eat like i used to.No diet not exercise not anything!why am i losing weight?

am i hyper? currently on 125 levothyroxine

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If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism you cannot be hyperthyroid. I assume you are not taking too much levothyroxine. 125mcg is an average dose.

If you gained weight before being diagnosed as hypo, once you get to an optimum of levo weight can reduce without dieting.

Do you weigh yourself at the same time at each weight-in. I think we are lighter early a.m. and can gain a little by late afternoon.


Do you have high antibodies? Hashi's can make you lose weight like that during the 'hyper' swings, but it doesn't last, I'm afraid.



The results you posted 2 months ago didn't indicate overmedication.

I had 7kg unwelcome weightloss when I started taking Levothyroxine. I was advised to eat frequent small meals to help maintain weight. I also found protein shakes inbetween meals helpful in gaining some weight.


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