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Not good news re Abdi Ibrahim Tiromel

Thought I'd make a new post re this rather than replying to the thread where this topic was raised originally (can't find the thread now to link it).

I have a Turkish friend who has a friend who works in a pharmacy, and she's just got back to me re the latest rumour that Tiromel is no longer going to be manufactured. The pharmacist checked and the only boxes they had are ones that expire at the end of February 2018.

"Friend says the manufacturer is pulling them off the market as there's no new boxes aside from those expiring at Feb. She's gonna check in with some people to confirm it. The med is currently really cheap so she says they're probably not having a profit off of them. "

This isn't good news for all of us who source Tiromel or buy it over the counter in Turkey, so best start thinking of what you're going to change to once it goes off the market. :(

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It would be an odd reason to take medication off the market. It would make more sense to increase the price as it is, obviously, selling...

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Dora123 spoke to the manufacturer of Tiromel (Thank you Dora123!) and they confirmed that Tiromel is NOT being discontinued.

See the thread: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...


Thanks Kitten, there appears to have been some conflicting information about the supply, not sure what to think at this point!

Jadzhia ,

1. Dora123 called the manufacturer and they told her that Tiromel wasn't being discontinued. If you want to verify this personally with the manufacturer you can call Ibdi Abrahim on 0090 212 622 66 00 (I included the exit code and the country code for Turkey) The time in Turkey is 2hrs ahead of the UK.

2. Clutter pointed out that Ibdi Abrahim only manufacture Tiromel during March. As we can no longer buy T3 from Greece and many people have had their T3 prescriptions stopped in the UK there must have been much higher demand on Tiromel, which can explain why it is out of stock in many pharmacies.

3. Suppliers have Tiromel in stock.

For the time being I suggest that we refrain from triggering the panic. Thank you.


I'm sorry if my post was seen as trying to panic people. I assure you it was not. My apologies.


Hi Jadzhia ,

There is no need to apologise. All you wanted was to give us the heads up about possible problem. Thank you for doing that. It seems that some pharmacies do have a supply problem: another HU member reported this in their post. But, apart from what some pharmacists are saying, there is no evidence that Tiromel has been discontinued. I'm sure that, as a community, we will keep an eye on what's happening.

T3 availability is a very sensitive and anxiety provoking issue for all of us here. Let's stay calm and rational about it.


Yes you're right, and I projected my own anxieties about it too, I think. Made me realise I've been overly-anxious about a number of things lately! (Not helped by having building work ongoing currently!).

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It's easy to get anxious when your life depends on medication, which isn't easily available.... I wish you all the calmness xx

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Thank you! :) And you. xx

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My thoughts exactly.

They may well be subject to pressure from other manufacturers for selling liothyronine at a fair price. They would have been making a profit, it may well return with a different name or be sold onto another company who will charge a lot more. Tiromel still shows on their website abdiibrahim.com.tr/en/produ... . Perhaps you could ask your friend to contact them and see what is happening.

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I'm not putting too much store on the product still being on their website, sometimes websites don't get updated as often as you'd hope! And right now, of course it is still available.

Yes, good idea. :)

I live in Turkey and I was in the Pharmacy three weeks ago. The Chemist told me there was a problem getting it but hadn't heard what the issue is with the Manufacturer yet


If you read the whole thread you'll see that Dora123 contacted Abdi Ibrahim who said they are not discontinuing Tiromel.

Can you please tell me is it necessary to show the prescription to buy Tiromel in Turkey? Thanks


No prescription required. Pharmacies probably only carry a box or two of Tiromel T3 so request 48-72 hours in advance to give them time to order in enough.

ps I think Abdi Ibrahim may only produce Tiromel during March so you may find any you buy now has an expiry date of Feb 18. I've used Tiromel 12 months past expiry date and there was no loss of potency or effectiveness.


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