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SwAp from T4 To T3

I currently tale 125mg of T4 I’m moving to Crete where I can buy t3 25 mg over the counter at my local pharmacy

I’m looking to introduce t3 my weight has ballooned I’m so tired and my gp as much use as a chocolate fire guard

I wonder if anybody has benn on similar dose of t4 and swapped to t3 etc any experience s relating to dosage and improvement or not welcomed

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You now need a prescription to source T3 in Greece and it is very scarce too at present.

25mcg of T3 is approx 100mcg of T3, so you could drop 50mcg levo and add half a tablet of T3 to begin with.

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Thank you , in my village in Crete we can buy over the counter so not prescription item here and very cheap


Hi and welcome to the forum.

A couple of things - do you have a copy of your recent thyroid results? If not then ask for a copy from your GP's receptionist - you are entitled to these by law. Then post any you can get fron tsh, ft4, ft3, TpoAb, TgAb, folate, ferritin, vit d and vit b12. You are unlikely to get all of these, but if you post any you do have we will be able to advise if you are actually well medicated or - much more likely - undermedicated. You also need to include the ranges as labs differ and it is almost impossible to interpret without these. They should look something like tsh 3.1 (0.4-4.2).

It is very common that GPs simply don't know enough about thyroid conditions to treat it effectively. Neither do they typically know anything about nutrition and serious nutritional deficiencies are almost universal with hypo. It is important that those quoted above are at fairly high optimum levels, not just in range, to ensure you can use thyroid hormone effectively.

Even if you are optimally medicated, it would be more normal to switch to a combo of t4 + t3 first as that is much easier to handle and less finicky to balance than t3 only.

Whilst it is true that it was possible to buy t3 over the counter in Greece (incl Crete) in the past, unfortunately it is not now. It has gone to prescription only within the past few months, forcing many of us who previously sourced from there to look elsewhere for supply. In fact our own established member Marz lives in Crete and may be able to advise you further.



Thank you I will seek those results

In my village in Crete we buy T3 over the counter so it’s definitely not a prescription item 1.50 €

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You are very lucky - it seems to have been cut off everywhere else with the manufacturer I believe requiring pharmacies to submit a prescription. Maybe stock up while you can?

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In Greece any prescription item with two redlines round box requires doctors prescription. T 3 does not I order from pharmacy and next day it’s here

Yep - that may well be the case, but we have many members who previously sourced from Greece and that has changed recently. Marz has reported back - as well as many others visiting Greece - that it is no longer as easy as it was. There has been a recent crackdown on it. I don't believe they have made it prescription only by law- as per red lines - rather a supplier's requirement to show that you have indeed has a prescription for it at some point.

I don't see any gain in arguing this further now, maybe just be aware that your current supply may be limited. Perhaps your pharmacy group has inhouse supply at the minute and hasn't had to re-source yet.

Good luck



You should check with Marz, she's lived in Crete for a long time, and has been keeping us up-dated on the T3 situation, there.

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I live in Crete so source already

Hi Natalie - welcome to the Forum. Whereabouts are you moving in Crete ? When did you last buy T3 over the counter ? ....


I live in small village between Kandanos and paleochora

I bought t3 2 days agp

Where did you buy and how many boxes ? It is possible they had a box in stock - I found one in Chania last week. Having lived here since 2004 I now have to show my prescription after years of not having to.

Many drugs have been restricted here in Crete and not just T3. Hopefully things will change ....

You were overcharged at 1.50 😂 !!

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Paleochora no prescription I just order

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Were you allowed more than one box ?

I just order give pharmacist days notice etc

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Yes I understand that - but are you allowed to order more than one box ?


Never tried it's 5 MN ins from home so don't need to

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Hello Natalie626,

I think our lovely Marz as well as myself would like to know if you could possibly find out at your earliest convenience and let us know? Be well. Ebony

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I actually was after some advice people's experiences of swapping from t4 to t 3 not an Interrogation of where I get my pills

Apologies you've taken such offence. Take care.

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Perhaps when you have been on this forum longer you will see how it works 😊

Not sure what you mean by that statement which I find sarcastic and condescending

I asked a question about people's experiences from swapping from t4 to t3

Does it Really matter how long I've been on here

Usually when we ask a question on the Forum it is helpful to receive a reply to enhance the discussion. For some reason I had to keep asking you. So that is what I meant that after a while and reading posts and replies you would see that we support each other. Your information could well have been helpful to others reading this thread.

So nothing sarcastic or condescending at all. In fact I have received PM's from other members commenting on your rudeness towards me - but hey I have broad shoulders 😊

Hope T3 works well for you and you find wellness in Crete.


My rudeness you really are something my question was about changing from t4 to t3 you obviously didn’t read and just wanted to ask where I get tablets I told you but I came on seeking opinion about a specific point ,

You were sarcastic

You and your little buddies privately messaging about me is the stuff of teenagers

We cretans don’t carry on like that so yes I will enjoy living in my family village



If your FT3 is low you can add some T3 to 125mcg Levothyroxine. There's no need to swap to T3 only. If you prefer to do so 125mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 40mcg T3.

Thank you very much

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