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Am I hypothyroid

I have Graves' disease diagnosed 2011 saw consultant in August

Blood results TSH 4.56 range. 0.30-5.50

T3. 4.6. Range. 0.0-7.0

T4. 13.1 range. 11.5-22.7

Told consultant didn't feel good low mood, aches and pains, no motivation.

Wasn't in the least bit interested just said I am discharging you back to your gp

I am not going to treat you. I asked her if she thought my T4 was low she just

Said well it was 9 at your last visit 3 months ago so is improving!!!!

I know gp's won't treat if your levels are " within range"

Not on any meds at present

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Members who have had Graves will respond although your T3 and T4 look on the low side.


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