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Do Adrenal Support Supplements Help With Hypothyroidism?

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I have read several articles claiming that taking adrenal support supplements with raw gland (bovine) is very helpful for good thyroid function.

Do others use these and find them helpful?

I became rather wary of using them when I read the precautions in taking adrenals. I don't generally like taking supplements other than vits & minerals so not sure about trying them.

Any thoughts would be helpful!

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I think you'd need to do a 24 hour saliva adrenal stress test (cortisol plus DHEA) to know if your adrenals need support. Different results need different types of specific supplements.

Lots of Vit C helps support adrenals. As much as you like to bowel tolerance, in divided doses throughout the day.

Thanks, will up my Vit C dose and look into the test.


I agree Genova tests are v easy to understand and if the tests show you need support for the dhea and cortisol there are only so many combinations you can have- high low and normal. Definitely a worthwhile test.

Good luck.

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