Uk Manufacturer of Liothyronine 20 cg

Just been informed by Boots that my supply of 28 pills will be

supplied by Moningside pharmaceuticals Loughborough. Tel

01509217705 cost to Doctors £258.20.

What is amazing is the shelf life till May 20th 2019 !,,,, I still don't understand why the price is so high but 2/3 months then out of date. I also don't understand how this is possible since my understanding is that their was a sole contract granted to an American firm,!,?? If anyone is the wiser do let me know.

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  • Mena20077,

    Morningside Healthcare applied for and were granted a licence by MHRA in June or July so Concordia are no longer the sole supplier. I believe there is a third company applying for a licence too.

    Mercury Pharma used to have a long shelf life. I don't know why in the last few months there has only been 3 months until expiry.

    Do let us know if you notice any difference between Morningside and Mercury Pharma.

  • Teva have got a license just haven't launched yet. They wouldn't tell me much. But both Morningside and Teva hinted that they were not carrying much stock as they were awaiting Consultation outcome.

  • Still £9.22 a tablet. Not much competition yet I fear. The UK price is still extortionate whoever the permitted supplier. Where are the competition authorities?

  • Hiding behind some conglomerate. It is disgusting but Dr L was always on about corruption and it does need to be investigated so that the BTA etc don't have to hide behind cost and people being denied an important hormone for many. How many people's health can be improved with a T4/T3 combo.

    I doubt the BTA et al will withdraw their 'no T3 to be prescribed' whatsoever.

  • I contacted the Serious Fraud Office and they transferred me to another "office" who said it was not in their remit. So have sent letter to press. Don't forget charges of price fixing were brought against Mercury Pharma circa2007. House of Lords said no case to answer in 2008. But Mercury Pharma paid the NHS £4 million without admitting liability. Wonder how much they took the NHS for then. Second time we all know after Times exposure was £260 million. Absolutely disgraceful NHS equally culpable.

  • Well done 👏🏼👏🏽

  • CMA investigation ongoing. This is why current Consultation by NHS England, where they thought could sneak T3 in under the radar, seems really odd to me. They should have at least waited for CMA report in my humble opinion.

  • May 2019 is better than Concordia which is usuall within a couple of months. Shame these people are greedy too, short sighted really cause when the ban goes through people will 100% source outside UK and the greedy ones will lose out.

  • I make that around 17 months - which isn't bad.

  • I was just going to say the same thing! My maths isn't that good, but this is only September 2017.

  • Well it was when I got up this morning, but I'd better check again.


    Saturday, 2 September 2017 (BST)

    Yes - still is. :-)

  • lol

  • I've never given any thought to expiry! What happens to then after expiry? Are they less effective? Why?

  • Expiry dates are provided to document that a medicine will continue to be effective from manufacture right through to expiry with potency still within required range.

    Provided a medicine has been stored in adequate conditions, nothing magical happens on expiry date. Very often, it will continue to be within potency range for a considerable time after expiry.

    Trouble is, we have no way of knowing how the potency changes. Further, we know just as little about the breakdown products that may be found - and their effects on us.

    Careful storage (cool, dark, dry) probably means that the medicine will have the best chance of retaining adequate potency through expiry.

  • Thank you - that's what I've always supposed.i was a bit panicked as I've got a Greek T3 stash just in case but they're good until April 2019 anyway. Phew!!

  • My current supply is from "SigmaPharm" and expiry date is "Jan 20" ..... hoping that's he year 2020 and not the 20th!

    I was prescribed these by my Scottish based NHS doctor.

    Isn't Sigmapharm American?

  • Yes - are they 5 microgram tablets? Or 25?

  • 20 microgram (MCG)

  • In the USA they (Sigmapharm) only do 5, 25 and 50 microgram tablets.

    I assumed any UK prescription would be for 20 microgram unless expressly intended to be dispensed as a "foreign" make.

  • i have been told by Boots for years that my medication came from the U.S.A. this was not the truth.. marketed by Mercury Pharma but Manufactured by Custom pharmacy.....Hove east sussex. just pealed 0ff the labels they obliterate the bottle with. what is going on with these people????? why would they bother to lie?????

  • It says that on the Patient Information Leaflet.

    They have been giving you that, haven't they?

  • no usually its an "opened bottle" with a boots label on it. i asked shy it had some thing to do with odd pills on the shelf. i paid out a few hundred to buy them insisting on un opened pills. now i have the info.

  • My Sigmapharm Liothyronine is in 5mcg tablets as I am on a trial at the moment starting with five and upping it to 10mcg across 8 weeks. But it does come in 20mcg and 50mcg pills also.

    I was just surprised it's an American pull and yet I've been led to believe they only had one supplier up until now (although I believe there is now a secondary one).

  • Pill not pull!

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  • Pamela0106,

    Mercury Pharma was the only UK licenced supplier until Morningside. MP only supply 20mcg so if your prescription was 5mcg it would have been imported from America, probably Perrigo or Pfizer. People are usually expected to cut 20mcg tablets in half to obtain 10mcg doses but some pharmacists don't approve this and import 5mcg tablets from America.

  • Makes sense x

    Just thought it strange that they import from America when it suits them but choose not to do it on a wider basis to combat the price issue.

    I think Teva is now granted a license too? X

  • 9 months shelf life -Sept-May?

  • Hmmmm seems a strange development for companies to be applying for licences for a medication on the DROP list. Unless they believe it will remain OR potential conspiracy theory explanation......... NHS can only use none UK meds if there a sole supplier who doesn't suit. So current sole producer gets allies to apply for licenses, selling at similar price to keep sales within UK and at inflated price. Just wondering.............probably not the case but......

    My NHS Aug 2017 prescribed French EU licensed cynomel expiry Nov 2018 eeerrmm 15 months......

  • May 20th 2019 is 20 months away, not 2 or 3.

  • Teva are also jumping on the high margins bandwagon with a T3.

  • My Grossman cynomel ordered in may 2017 expires February 2019

  • I'm having to order mine through my specialist and collect at the hospital pharmacy. Didn't know about a USA supplier, just was informed when they stopped them it was due to costs. I'd heard France was cheaper per hundred?

    Glad though to be back on them again. The pain was not something I'd like to endure again! Don't let them take them off you. I just ran with it not realising the effect it would have being without.

  • When they took me off I lost my eyelashes and was so angrey all the time

  • Hi all, if you haven't already signed and joined the Improve Thyroid Treatment (ITT) Read the petition & sign. The #NHS is spending money treating symptoms but not the cause #thyroid. It's a waste.

    Also join the fb page ITT (Improve Thyroid Treatment) it's a closed group but we are trying to get as many ppl to sign and fight for T3 as the NHS are trying to eradicate it completely from being a prescription medicine!!

    @greygoose I know you are an administrator and I hope you don't mind me adding this here to get the word out again

  • I've signed already and done MP letter. Will look on fb too now. Thank you LiTai

  • I've applied to the fb ITT page too 👍🏻thanks

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