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Underactive thyroid issues

Hi everyone, this is my first post just wanting to get some information and views off people. I have had an underactive thyroid since I was 15/16 and over the years it has been getting worse! I have recently had thyroiditis and neck swelling and I'm taking 200mcg levo. I feel like I'm always more cold, tired, achey and my weight gain continues despite dieting. I feel so miserable and the drs never seem to help. Does anyone have any tips?

Crystal :)

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The first step to getting well is to get hold of your test results. If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a print-out. You need to know exactly what was tested, and exactly what the results were. All sorts of things could be going wrong : not proper testing, under-medicated, conversion problem, nutritional deficiencies... So, you need to be informed!

When you get the results, post them here, with the ranges, and we will be better able to help you. :)

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Hello Crystal and welcome to the forum. Can I ask a few questions that might help people to give you better suggestions? Have you got your latest blood test results and could you post them on the forum along with the laboratory ranges? People can then help you to understand what might be going on. If you've had vitamin levels tested then post those too.

Do you know whether you've got autoimmune thyroid disease and have you ever had an ultrasound or investigation for the swelling? What diagnosis have you recieved for your thyroid condition? Sorry, so many questions.

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