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Author Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD was diagnosed with Hashimotos at 27, deciding to research the illness sge went into American pharmacy......thought it may help someone!

"You’ve likely read one of my books, Hashimoto’s: The Root Cause or Hashimoto's Protocol (both NY Times Bestsellers), and you might be looking for some further guidance with getting your health back.

Since the release of my first book, I’ve advised thousands of people with Hashimoto’s, gathered numerous success stories, and gathered data on the most helpful interventions. I’ve now spent 7 years focused solely on researching Hashimoto’s.

Unlike most doctors who focus on a variety of conditions, I’ve dedicated my professional career to helping those who struggle with Hashimoto’s.

Some of you are looking to develop a healing strategy and plan for Hashimoto’s and want to get your body healthy and back into balance. You may be searching for a way to lower your thyroid antibodies, and are feeling overwhelmed and would like a sense of direction. Some of you just need to know ... where to start.

Many of my patients have asked for ongoing coaching and a comprehensive guide on:

Which tests to take

What supplements to use

Uncovering possible root causes

Healing adrenal fatigue

Identifying which foods to avoid/eat

Healing the gut

Addressing fatigue

Growing hair back

Weight management

Reversing Hashimoto’s and stopping the autoimmune attack

Developing the right plan...

Many of you are searching for answers so you can plan your recovery, because many of you have been struggling for way too long. You want more energy, more answers, and direction on what to do next.

In the past, maybe you’ve changed your diet, added supplements, and/or were given medications, only to experience little or no results.

Maybe it’s was simply too confusing, or you’re not quite sure where to begin.

Some of you have already read my books a number of times and want to go deeper...

Most of you have already tried a multitude of interventions, like the gluten free diet and even the autoimmune Paleo diet but are still not where you want to be health wise.

I want to share everything I’ve learned with you, so that you can get your health back, but I am only one person, and want to make sure I can help as many people as possible.

Over the last few years I have really enjoyed guiding people with Hashimoto’s back to their health, and I have developed a new systematic approach, beyond the one I’ve used with myself.

As you can imagine, this approach is not an overnight fix, and usually requires multiple consultations with me.

During my training in public health and healthcare quality improvement, I was introduced to a hybrid health care model, the patient self-management group program for people with diabetes. This model was proven to produce better outcomes for patients compared to patients who only worked with a health care provider.

Patients who took part in the group program had a better understanding of the condition, better controlled blood sugar, fewer complications and were overall much more satisfied, and this was just using the conventional medical approach!

I wanted to create a program of this sort for people with Hashimoto’s, but using a functional medicine approach, that would help a person identify and remove the triggers that were leading to their thyroid and autoimmune symptoms.

I’ve been building this program and use it with all of my clients, with much success, and am seeing them improve their health outcomes as well as reducing their dependence on the traditional health-care model.

This program puts the power in your hands, and will help you optimize your health, whether you are doing it alone, or working with a practitioner.

In short, I developed this program to empower my family members, friends and clients with Hashimoto’s, so that they could make sure that they would have the best possible outcomes, while working with their own doctor or functional medicine practitioner.

While I love working with people one-on-one, I wanted to find an option that was more affordable for most people. My mission is to help as many people with Hashimoto’s as I possibly can, but as there is only one of me, I unfortunately have a limited amount of time for consultations.

My 12-module Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program will focus on addressing your root causes and symptoms.

I’m so excited to share the Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program with you!!


Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD"

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