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Is my thyroid to blame?

I have had graves disease many years and am on 5mg carbimazole and 50mg thyroxine block and replace,am due to have radioactive iodine in 2-3 weeks.Also last year I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency and have injection every 3 months and am on folic acid.around the same time of the b12 deficiency I noticed my ankles had swollen then lower legs and was given water pills I was never told why it happened,the swelling eventually went down but not to normal and I noticed a redness around lower legs but I just ignored it then a month ago the swelling came back not as bad but noticeable.i am not over weight and cant understand why I am having these problems

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I cannot help re Graves but those who have/had it will respond. In the meantime this is from TUK an hope it is helpful:-



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