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PCT refusing to fund Liothyroxine

Good morning to all. My GP has told me that I have to find a private source of T3, Liothyroxine, as my PCT are refusing to fund it even though I am so much better with the combination of this and levothyroxine and she suggested I contact this group for advice. Does anyone have ideas for reputable source either from the USA or Europe? The cost privately in the UK is £500 per month which I cannot afford.

Thank you for any advice on how to challenge this decision or sources to buy privately.

Are there other alternatives to Liothyroxine that are as effective?


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Look at Airmed posts as they have a draft letter you could crib from and make your own to send to your Ccg and your Mp. There is also a government consultation you need to complete on for health inequalities.

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Look at the pinned posts on the right-hand side - there's a campaign being launched. There's lots of activity at present as we are supposed to not have T3 stopped if we have a clinical need.

Thyroiduk.org.uk is stepping up so if you'd also like to Join TUK membership (its not compulsory) but the more members we have on the website is better. Sign the Petition.

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Look up your CCG website. Then search Liothyronine. Find out exactly what the guidelines say. Some have already banned it, others (including my own CCG) currently say, if NHS endo has recommended, and if after 3 month trial you are improved & improving then you should be allowed to stay on it.

Did you see endo on NHS? Or privately.

Print out guidelines from British Thyroid Association

Highlight relevant sections.

Write to MP, Jeremy Hunt etc etc

Respond to NHS consultation too and email your local health watch - see link on right

Alternatively if you can get private prescription from your endo you can order EU Liothyronine. Cost is only €30 per 100 tablets - 25mcg dose eg Sandos or 20mcg Thybon Henning

Why NHS can't buy these direct is madness

But your GP can do a named patient prescption on NHS for this if they are willing to put themselves out and you have a helpful Pharmacist - see this post


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This is absolutely disgusting that the NHS will not fund medicine, have you thought of going to your MP about it? We need to start complaining as this is unacceptable. The NHS should provide any medicine.

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